New Investor in Tampa Bay Florida

I'm looking for a mentor or some support as I'm new to the RE game. I know there are many opportunties in this area and I'm trying to establish my Buyers List. I will be joining a REI club this week and hope to find some inspiration and contacts.
If you have the time and live in this area, would love to meet with you.


Jim H.

New Investor In Tampa

Hi Jim!
I'm Sonya, an new investor here in Tampa also. I would like to know what real estate investment club u are a memeber of and if they are accepting new members. Also did u find that mentor yet?

Looking to network

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Hi Sonya and Jim my name is Lester and I am also here in the Tampa area and looking for people to network with to see if we can partner up and build a strong team. Also which REI club have you found in the area?

looking to network

Good evening how are you? I am in northdale area of Tampa. I am new to real estate investing. What advice can you share with me reguarding the Tampa bay area.


Looking to Network

I am new to this business, with that said I am in serious need of networking. I am in Brandon and looking to make a career of this. I am very interested in building relationships with others in this field.

Also a newbie

Hi everyone I know this thread is a little old now but I'm hoping people still check it. I've just started on my REI career and looking to network with others in the area. I'm in Riverview/Brandon and looking to do my first deal asap. I've joined a few investing groups also.