New Mexico- Angela, Just Plan-e and ????

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You said on the Badges thread you're ready to partner up in NM..... Angela, whaddayathink? You also said MarkK, I believe, but his focus is close to home at this point--
Anyone doing NM and interested in multiplying efforts?
So Erik, at what point are you exactly, can you summarize for us? And, what's working/what's not-- this DG WW topic is a great tool.
As for NM-- I know ABQ pretty well, I have worked there quite a bit since 2006, but I don't know Taos. In Albuquerque, I know RE people, but of course I don't have a team in place. I do know: Property Mgmt people, Contractors, Landscapers, and could probably get Title, Atty and RE Agents with a few phone calls. I can likely get a feel for the market in general and I know I can get a turnkey rehab team in place with one call. As I recall Taos is "worked" by ABQ people often times, so either city would work, right Erik?
I seem to recall in (I think) a Nate Street post that NM is not an assignment state-- is that correct Erik?
Here is my thought:
- Erik, if you can provide your current position, outline your What's Working vs What's Not, we can fill in as needed
- MarkK can choose his expertise
- Angela can choose her expertise
- You can choose yours
- I can fill in with Team set-up and Rehabs, plus some of my buyers here in Vegas would probably go to NM-- no problem.
I'm game for a foursome; 4X the deals, right?

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