PINK - Club DG Women Real Estate Investors by Stacey Jurek

Calling all women!
Calling all lady DGers!
I know your out there!
Lets see how many ladies of DG we can get together to share insight and inspiration of what is working in real estate today. The time is now to take action. Ladies lets here from you. Carpe diem! :0) - Stacey

Thanks...and Equity help?

Hi, Stacey & Fellow PINK-ies!

First, I want to congratulate Stacey on her great idea for a private group post for women DG-ers and to say 'Thank you!'

My questions are about equity.
Excuse my ignorance, but I'm not understanding the weight home equity plays in the equation. (I may have missed a chapter...LOL).

I hear all of this talk & reference to 'how much equity does the property have?'
but I'm not exactly sure how it fits into the equation...
Would someone kindly give me a brief understanding of why it so important in some purchases please?
Is this only considered when the seller has an older property and the buyer will take over payments?
Or does it carry weight when negotiating the offer, and why?
Please clear this up for me. ~Thank you!

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