Hi ,
I've found this great 1 acre estate that was on the market for 5 months now and every month the price keeps dropping it's a little over 2,600sf and listed now at $179,000.00 and the family wants it gone. I've met with the agent in charge of this property and took a tour it's absolutely beautiful. With no money down and buyers/Renters at hand, How do I seal the deal when i know the family is looking for their money up front and something as small as a down payment comes nowhere close to what they are looking for. Can something be done on this or should i drop the ball and head to the next one. Oh my credit is in the upper 400's I personally want it myself because the mortgage is $845 monthly. The questiobn is CAN I DO SOMETHING!!!!!

what too do

Maybe you should get back into the book, you may have missed something. Profit RE Right Now. Some deals work and some don't. Good Luck

yes you can

keep up the fight, stay in touch each week and this will show them that you want to buy this home for a good price and tell them prices are going to come down more and more and just ask the what is their time worth?

Competing with foreclosures

Tell them that their price will continue to fall because they are competing with foreclosures. Sometimes you have to make them see the light, nicely of course.

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