REI Hawaii Club expanding Nationally!

Our Club focus on deals of all kinds. We're here to help each other succeed. Join our team, no matter your specialization. Post your deals for cash buyers. Cash buyers join our list and tell us what you're looking for! Whether your first deal or your 70th post your needs, questions, and deals HERE! We're locally based in Hawaii but expanding to invest Nationally.
Our Mission: To get you deals, as many and as frequent as you can aspire.
Our Vision: To create a team of Real Estate Millionaires who are propelled upwards upon each others successes.
Our Purpose: To create Financial Freedom for our generation therein ensuring Freedom to the next generations to come.

Warren Buffet Wisdom on Real Estate

Below is an a letter that Warren Buffet recently sent to his shareholders....I believe you will enjoy the content and also you should be thinking.....accumulate, accumulate, accumulate.....the light is shining at the end of the tunnel.

Dedicated To Your Fast Path To Success,

Cami White
REI Hawaii Club

" Last year, I told you that "a housing recovery will probably begin within a year or so." I was dead
wrong. We have five businesses whose results are significantly influenced by housing activity. The
connection is direct at Clayton Homes, which is the largest producer of homes in the country,
accounting for about 7% of those constructed during 2011.

Additionally, Acme Brick, Shaw (carpet), Johns Manville (insulation) and MiTek (building products,

Save all your Indiser's Edge receipts for taxes next year!

I met with my H&R block specialist for LLC's and she was able to deduct my business investment courses and Lightyear Rep signup fees.

Remember to save all your receipts of Dean's programs for next January. Definitely worth it!

30 Days Quick Cash Formula link

Great link to get some great action steps on how to get our team built quickly and get deals coming in:

Did Everyone get the 5 emails?

Just checking to insure everyone got the Leading Financial 5 emails sent over the weekend. Send me a email if you'd like me to forward them on to you. camidealfinder@****

Cheers, Cami

Happy Valentines!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Valentines Day! Been so busy but I got in a showing of This Means War at Queen K Mall. Hilarious movie!

I just got back from Oahu where I met some wonderful people at The Insider's Edge Event. Learned so much! Been emailing realtors for increasing my list of cash buyers.

Started this Club so we could all stay connected to see and help each others progress in getting our deals done.

Come here and post all you're doing. Your posts and actions will only help everyone else reach their dreams also.

Aloha, Cami

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