SFH REO,s Nationwide! $2m - $3m - $10m & up, you pick...

SFH REO,s Nationwide! $2m - $3m - $10m & up, you pick...

Please be sure to let me know which program you want:
$2m minimum order.
$3m minimum order.
$10m minimum order(quickest because there are fewer applicants).

Please take advantage of our direct to bank program!

All I need from you?
Sign my NCND! 

Then fill out your LOI for what you want in product.
State or Sates! Cities, Counties, and even zip codes! 

We put you direct to Asset Management,
It does not get easier.

Please tell me which program you want
and send me full contact info on Private Message:
Vern Bird

Interest in your program

I am looking at your message and am still confused about the signing of your NCND? Where is it and what is it exactly? I do have some investors I know in the area and they are looking for more investment properties. Is there an email or phone number to contact you? Do you give a finders fee for buyers?

Cash Buyers

What area are u talking about. I am in Panama City Florida area. And yes I would pay a fee for referring a buyer that closes a deal.

I'm interested in you program

What is NCND? Please send additiona info via PM


mpalmer's picture

Hello!! I am interested in knowing more details about what you are talking about!

Can you PM myself further details what you are talking about or requesting?!

Thanks so much! Looking forward to talking with you!

Melissa Palmer


I am interested in your program (10m minimum) and would like more information. Thanks

Very interested

I would like to have some more information on this.

Send Info

Have buyer, looking to purchase monthly in SO CAL.

Contact me with details, lets close some deals.


Direct buyer in S. California

Direct buyer in S. California in REO acquisition.
Send me deals to close immediately up to 10 Million.


Needed- Investors/Buyers

Please PM me with contacts for the Fayetteville, NC area. Looking to move some properties ASAP.

Brent Hendricks

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