Student Wisdom #28 - Finding The Right Agent with John Horiatis

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from our very own very own John Horiatis! John is here to share some great info about finding the right real estate agent! Watch Now!

John is one of our top contributors on Insider Elite - For Investors by Investors and we thank him so much for his weekly and sometimes daily motivation and wisdom.

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Finding RE agents on Zillow

Hey John,

Appreciate your video very much. I went on Zillow and started reading the reviews and found 3 potential candidates to talk to. So far I don't see any that say "Investor Agents", but found a couple who have done Short Sales. Just talking to them may help me uncover someone who may be a potential agent.

Thanks for the video!


Good info!

beachshack7444's picture

Thank you for sharing this great info, John

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