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Hello all you wonderful GRAZIOSANS in SW FLORIDA NAPLES TO NORTH FORT MYERS,I have been sCanning the forums to find a group that I could become an affiliate of but to date I have not found any such group.
I hope to create a local group where GRAZIONANS in my local area can get together to network,share ideas, brainstorm, share with each others advertising information, help each other out with computer knowledge , and what ever the need may be up to pooling limited advertising dollars or know how,so our dreams can be realized.In Jamaica and most of the Carribean Islands friends often come together in a group called a su-su where each participant puts in a specific amount as predetermined at the beginning every week.The entire amount goes to one designated person chosen by number each week until everyone gets a draw to assist him to get his goal started. Amongst the west indian population in sw florida this is one of the major reasons why so many owns their own homes. I am thinking that for us NEWBIES with little or no money here is a concept that people of integrity can use to launch themselves.Plugging into a group and PARTICIPATING AS A BODY THAT PROMOTES THE WELFARE OF EACH PARTICIPANT UNTIL ALL IS SERVED AND LAUNCHED. Those readers OUT IN GRAZIOSIAN LAND feel free to comment,and or adopt. The concept is taken from the book of proverbs."{paraphrasing in my own words....."I FEEL SORRY FOR THE ONE WHO IS ALONE AND HAS NO ON TO HELP HIM WHEN HE FALLS.. TWO PERSONS HAVE A BETTER RETURN FOR THERE LABORS, FOR IF ONE FAILS THE OTHER WILL HELP HIM UP AND A ROPE MADE FROM THREE CORDS IS NOT EASILY BROKEN". ALL COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS WILL BE TAKEN IN GOOD FAITH AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT OFFENSIVE OR VIOLATES THE RULES. I DO HOPE I AM WITHIN THOSE PRESET BOUNDARIES. BLESSINGS MULTIPLIED TO ALL WHO PERSEVERE IN DIFFICULT TIMES..LESNEMB [LESLINE NEMBHARD]

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