WANTED! Central Florida investors, ready to buy

Welcome! I am building a list of investors or private individuals who are looking to purchase property at 20-30% discounts, and are able to close within 45 days. If you have a particular type of property you are looking for, post your requirements, and we'll find you the deal you are looking for!

Time to get rolling!

Hello, folks! I have to admit, I put the books on the shelf and felt a bit "beaten down" with all of this. My Mother-in-law passed away in October, and life has taken a significant turn for the worse - financially speaking. In fact, my Brother-in-law, whom I live with (was taking care of "Mom" here, before she passed), is at risk of losing his home to foreclosure. But, we're not going down without a fight!! So, back to the books and here I am.

Florida is one of the worst states to be hit from this recession, and the housing/real estate market is certainly in rough shape. Everywhere I look, homes and businesses are for sale, for rent, for lease, or whatever. Prices are rock-bottom, where you can get a home that 4 years ago would sell for $400k, you can now buy for under $160.

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