Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #63 - How are YOU going to get there?

This is the longest and what I personally feel is the most powerful weekly video Dean has ever done. He shares a lesson that can do more to help propel you closer to your first or your fifth deal. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, scared to death, or a seasoned pro looking for an edge - This is a "do not miss" video.

Plus you get to watch a great clip of Carol Stinson sharing details on her first assignment deal that made her $10,000.

Watch, comment and get involved.

More details on this year’s EDGE live event click here:

Dean shares some inspiring

Dean shares some inspiring ideas through this video. It influences me a lot and it encourages people to take challenges without fear. You can see some inspiring articles in buy dissertation online.


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Great video.

I was talking to an old elementary school friend who told me about the 30 days to real estate cash and he has been with your system for 3 years now and has been doing really well. I have been thinking about real estate investing since 2005 but have never pulled the trigger. Today I have made that choice to start turn my life around.Great inspirational video.

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It is one of your best videos! Such an inspiring speech and interesting information! I really enjoy it, thank you!
I will write about the insights on my new blog. Read more here

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