Weekly Wisdom #400 - My Message From California!

Enjoy this week's video from my on stage performance at last month's Growth Summit!

It is short but powerful!

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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hypnotic rhythm

one day rolls into the next...nothing like making a deal !

Passion for what you don*t like.....

Hi Dean....it*s been awhile since I*d been on here. And I know this is an older weekly wisdom.....but I had to comment anyway and hope you get to see this. This is truly one "RULE" I have had in my entire life, as far as I can remember. No matter what type of job, to-do-list....whatever, this is so important.

Because of recent changes in my life...I have had to change from a job that I half liked to now, one I don*t care for at all. Twelve hour days (or nights...because it is a swing shift type job). This means for two weeks I work days, then for two weeks, I work nights....It*s awful in those terms....but I have learned some pretty cool stuff.I have always been one who was interested in what someone else does for a living and why.

I turn the tide every time on something I don*t like....I find all the good and great stuff I can, and just add in everything else.

I*m not trying to sound better than anyone but can you just imagine , if half the world did this...what an even more terrific place we all be!!!

Thanks, Ersie

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