Weekly Wisdom - How to increase productivity!

They told him not to come back to college... They told him he would never be more than a machine shop worker... They told him he couldn't do it...

Well if you're wondering who I am talking about, I'm referring to my special guest of this week's Weekly Wisdom, good friend and #1 student Matt Larson. Just a few years ago Matt was a machine shop worker, stressed out of his mind wondering if "this was it". Was this truly the life he was going to live?

Then one night he decided no more... he took action, bought my book, worked harder than almost anyone I've ever met and has now found himself owning his own company, living the life he deserves and has done thousands of real estate deals.

So as I was visiting Matt this week I decided to have him on this week's videow oth me to discuss how he got from where he was to where he is and what the best thing people should know to do the same!

And he said, absolutely, I'm going to share how to increase productivity because it adds more time to your days!

So today, take a minute and check out the video Matt and I filmed about increasing your productivity with just a few cool little steps.

And also make sure to let me know what you think!

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