Weekly Wisdom Throwback!!

Hey everyone! This is Dean's assistant, Jeremy, and I wanted to send you this quick message this morning!

Dean was so busy traveling this weekend, that he didn't have time to film a Weekly Wisdom. But he reached out and told me to send you this VERY powerful and very popular one that he filmed over a year ago!

It is one of my personal favorites and I think it will be yours too after you watch! I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and when Dean gets back to town mid-week, he assured me he is going to be sending out a brand new Weekly Wisdom Smiling

Yellow Pad

Great, I needed to hear this....Thanks Dean.
I am trying to get organized and stop wasting time but I find myself allowing activities that don't get me to my goals to distract me. The yellow pad starts TONIGHT!!!!!

Potential buyer

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I have someone that wants to buy a home, possibly a foreclosure. I just took the course the edge, however, I do not have a lender nor the house. She is suppose to give me her requirements in a couple of days. But I am nervous. They are wanting to purchase the home for them selves.

Any words of wisdom?

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