WholeSale Bulk SFH Discounted

WholeSale Bulk SFH Discounted

Single family homes bulk package selling price $$535,000
1). Kansas City, MO $59,515
2). Independ, MO $55,775
3). Montgomery, Al $59,975
4). Indend, Mo $55,000
5). Indep, Mo $59,595
6). Warren, Mi $56,250
7). Kansas,Mo $46,259
Cool. EastStateFair, MI $39,749
9). Birmingham,Al $58000
10). Sterling Ave, MO $62,775
Yearly cashflow.$88116.00.
Bulk pack Total $552,8178.00
Discounted $535,550.00
Cherry pick price on right hand side of each property.
Deal direct with seller;
First contact here:
Vern Bird

Bulk Houses

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Hi, I have a house I have been thinking of selling in the KC area there is a tennant in it with a lease.

Ifyou would like another???

Are all of these Property Direct house that you bought at the Buying Summit?

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