Using Real Estate Clubs To Your Advantage

Using Real Estate Clubs To Your Advantage

CLASS IN SECESSION: Real Estate Clubs(ex DIG, sub groups)

Hey Everyone,
Sully here, I just wanted to HELP the "newbies" out a little bit and give them some "Verbal GOLD", lol. Any way, on a serious note.....I know you "newbies" out there are struggling to get started(at least some of you) and get off the fence and take action, well i'm writing this for ALL OF YOU. If your NOT a part of a Real Estate Club.....sign yourself up.....NOW. And NO, i don't work for a REI Group, I am just simply telling you how HELPFUL these Clubs are. They are Absolultley pertinent to your REI Business, if you are experiencing anything like i was(having trouble finding REAL "End Buyers" NOT other Wholesalers) then you really need to start going to these meetings. They will open up ENDLESS Contacts for your Business, like: Rehabbers, Hard Money Lenders, Professional Speakers, Landlords, etc. I literally have DOUBLED my Contacts just from going to 2 meetings and I'm NOT stopping there! And i know your saying, but Sully i don't have the money, YES you Do, It costs like $100 bucks for a year and it'll be the best $100 bucks you'll EVER spend, you can't get that kind of return on ANY kind of MARKETING, well, almost ANY(Craigslist, Backpage, is FREE) But these are QUALITY Contacts, If you guys have any questions just post them here, CLASS DISMISSED, SULLY



Sully Thank You

AS A Newbie I just wanted to Thank You For all you do. The information and advice you give is very useful helps alot.I always learn something new from your post.
You keep me from giving up , I know it can be done.
I'm doing this on my own, so makes it hard not having someone to encourge you.tell you your doing good, keep it up. Your post do just that for me. So thank you Sully
PS.In Great Need
of A Good MENTOR
Please PM
me if your out there

Thanks Sully

Hey there Sully - thanks for the tip.

So, where is a good place to find a real estate club in my area? I'm about to go to google and see what I turn up, but if you have any other information - please let me know!




You are right abou these REI clubs. These cash buyer congregate with each other and the best place to congregate with them is at the meetings.

P.S. Sully I have been watching another hero on TV lately and his name is Sully also.




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