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Nashville TN
About Me: 

Hello everyone!
I am a new, aggressive, positive, real estate investor. I am learning all I can about this business. I have a 16 year old son named Brandon. Brandon is as aggressive as I am when it comes to real estate and learning. Brandon realizes at his young age that real estate is the way to achieve his financial goals. Brandon is my real estate buddy.
I am very thankful for you Dean Graziosi. You have created and shared with everyone, a successful ways to work real estate deals...and best of all you are legitimate.


As I look back at what I posted above I realize how far I have came in the REI business. I have a lot of cash buying investors and retail buyers lined up. I have assigned 21 deals already. Each deal has been cash and a quit claim.
There are so many deals out there just waiting. You never know just how many till you get out there in the trenches and plow through it all. Dean has gave us enough information to make real estate seem sensible. I am reaching many goals and look forward to many more years of successful investing.

God, family, Real Estate, Booking Agency, Music Business, Researching, Law, Archery, Television and Video production, Hunting and Fishing.

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REI , booking agent, pro on the road musician, Music Publisher
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for the appreciation, sistreat. SULLY.

Hey Sissy!

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That's so cool that your 16 year old son is into Real Estate! I'm trying to get my twin 17 year old daughters into it, one is interested the other NOOOOOOOOT!!! Oh well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad, right? Wow, your hubby is big time, how exciting! Well, no wonder you're all so successful with God 1st you can't fail!
We welcome you and your family with open arms and look forward to you sharing your journey with us ALL!
Elena Laughing out loud

Hi Elena

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Good to hear from you and thank you for the welcome to DG. I love it here and spend many hours reading everyone's posts. My 16 year old son is wanting to go out and wholesale his first deal. He is all fired up about real estate!

Hey Sissy!

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Well I'm glad your son is fired up. My one twin has helped me in the past but lost interest. I'm trying to get her fired up again. Thank you so much for the audio. I'm so glad to hear that God is no. 1. That's how I roll too... LOL! There's no other way to go. Do you play an instrument too? I sing and play keyboards. All my girls can sing, we're a musical family too, always have been. One of the twins auditioned for American Idol but I didn't think her song selection was right. We used to perform Carol of the bells for all our friend, family and bandmates every year when they were younger... Good times!
Well, let us know of your Real Estate endeavors, we're here to share your joy and offer you assistance.
Elena ;D

Hi Elena

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That is so cool that you and your whole family are musical. Isn't it so great to see our kids following our love for music. I would like to hear you play and sing.Maybe you have a link on your My Space?
Yeah...I play bass, guitar and pick around on the piano. I started playing back when I was a younger. I have played bass for a few named artists and traveled many miles and played many gigs.
I will be posting my deals as I start accumulating them. I am eventually be a house collector.

Hey Sissy, Elena...

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I come from a line of musicians, too!( not so well known, of course Smiling ). We'll have to sing an REI trio on our way to the bank! haha


Rina, that's a great idea!

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Well, I didn't know that girl. Keepin' secrets from me? LOL! We should call ourselves Sista Investa! HA! That'd be cool to write a little song we could perform together when we celebrate our millionaire status at our Diamonds Banquet!!

Elena Eye-wink

Good name, Elena! lol

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And we'll have to inform Dean of the Diamonds Banquet! Could set up a little Graziosi Karaoke.
You in, Sissy? lol



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He's gonna read these and go what the???? LOL!
But hey, it might be the start of something BIG! HA HA!
Duwap De Duwap... E. Shocked

I'm in I will be the hollar

I'm in I will be the hollar or what ever (not musical.

Alright Lilie!

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She's the official Hollar!
I love it... HA!

Momma E. Laughing out loud

Hey Rina

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I don't think you would want to hear me singing. The closest thing I can think ofthat would describe my singing would be the neighborhood dog howling when he hears a siren. WOOOOOOOO. LOL! Graziosi Karoke! LOL!


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That's you? Whooee! Well, don't quit yer day job then... LOL! JK!

Line of musicians?

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Well Rina...isn't it something how many female musicians we have here?
Which instruments do you play? Do you sing too?

I don't know

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I know Rina sings, I've been singin' and play keyboards for over 27 years now. Other than that Lilie said she would RAP... LOL! I'm sure there's more of 'em out there, they're just bein' shy!

Hey, Sissy!

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I really only play the keyboard, but it sounds like Lena's got that covered, so I'll stick with the singing. I'll get my daughter Angel in on it, too. She should actually be on Idol. AND she's my REI girl!
Looks like we each have a 16 year old prodigy! Smiling


Lilie, can't WAIT to hear you rap! lol

I did not say RAP I sad

I did not say RAP I sad hollar like a wolf ha-ha can't rap neither. Schould be good anyway.

OOOOOH! Whoopsie!

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My bad Lilie, I thought Holla was like rappin'. Yia, say what, uh, what, stuff like that.
I'm not too with it on those hip terms... LOL!

Hey Rina,
Maybe our kids should start a band, my 17 year old daughter sings like a PRO, she auditioned for Idol for this season, but I think she picked a bad song. She blows me away when she sings!!

Hi sissy!

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I am so pleased that you sent me that link for the meditation to being a millionaire and I have been using it daily. It is so perfect for my mind set. I really am a very positive person, even though it may not seem like it when I post at times, and I am just so surrounded by negatives that it helps to listent to Marshall daily. Helps me fight of the negatrives and be strong and 'Powerful'
Thanks a bunch!


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Hey Debbie Jo
I am so glad you are benefiting from that audio link. Marshall Sylver is an amazing person and can really get you headed in a positive direction. Keep listening to him daily and it will really help you.
I can tell you are a positive person because the negative people irritate you so much. You have to seperate yourself (as much as possible) from negative people. You are going to do just fine! I have faith in you. POWER!

thanks, sissy

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i feel ya, i missed you guys too. But to answer your question though, all a LETTER OF INTENT is, basically a letter stating your name, address, property location, purchase price, down payment, and additional terms, nothing special, very basic, i wish i knew how to copy the letter and then post it on the site for you, sorry, i'm not internet savvy enough..Shocked SULLY.

double closing

how does this work with the lender that will lend with a buyer i have to find a deal and have a buyer to to buy the property also correct just trying to find out a little info hope u don`t mind helping out

Newbie in need of Funding


I jumped aboard July 22,2008. Only 2 time on here checking things out.Been doing the program and haven't had time to check out and use everything available. What a great group of caring people. Willing to help others, don't find that to much any more. So Thank you all. I think finding this and all you, Is the answer to my prayers.I look forward to getting to know all of you.I'm ready to find my first deal, But have no funding or any family to borrow from. Haven't found a lender that will give a loan. Being a 53 yr old female, single with only 2 1/2 year of credit history been unemployed since JAN 2008.Thanks to all your post and comments, I will overcome and not let the stress and nerviousness hold me back.I am women hear me Roar!!!

Double Closing

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Hi Sissy,
I got your message, and I reside in San Diego, California. and yes I'm a fairly new investor. I happen to hear you guys talking about the Private Investor from Texas who funds deals, how could I could get in contact with him....I have a potential buyer and I want to find out the specifics about when his getting his it at the final closing or? and how much is his percentage in the deal?
My Regards,


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That ad worked great for me when I put it on Craigslist a few months ago too. Great minds think alike Sully. Eye-wink

God bless you sister,

Elena Laughing out loud

Hi Sistreat

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I had sent you a message, I don't know if you got it?
My reagards


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I think she's still having computer problems, I haven't seen her much. I'm sure she's not ignoring you though... Eye-wink
God bless,


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Hi Kanbee
I found your message a few days ago and responded. I resent the message to you a minute ago. Sometimes these computers seem to have a mind of their own! I hope all is well with you and you are doing a lot of deals.

holly dellema?!!

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i'm going to HELP you as best i can, first off, Are the 2 houses, 2 seperate physical addresses? If they are then YES, i would think you will need 2 seperate purchase orders. second, understand that SHE got her self into the situation she's in right NOW, so while you understand that she needed a buyer like "yesterday" you will do the best you can to close quickly, in this situation, sissy, you may have to close in 45 days or 30 days, instead of 60 days. You are going to have to market this thing QUICK, As for the chapter 13, i dont think that her homes are affected by the bankruptcy, so you should be o.k., but i would advise you to talk with your ATTORNEY since i am not one and haven't come across a situation like this one yet.

The "ESCAPE CLAUSES" that i use in EVERY deal are as follows:

1) "THE CONTRACT IS CONTINGENT UPON THE BUYER OBTAINING FINANCING SUITABLE TO THE BUYER" this is "like" a FINANCING CLAUSE exept better, this will allow for the buyer to be relieved of the contract even if some form of FINANCING was available, you would not want to be stuck paying 10% interest on a 30 year mortgage.

2) "OFFER IS CONTINGENT UPON SUITABLE HOME INSPECTION": this is "like" a INSPECTION CLAUSE exept better, instead of you having to hire a professional home inspector(which you can still do, if you like) it allows the buyer to personally conduct this inspection, allows you leverage in whether to honor the contract or not. YOUR HERO, SULLY.

Very Interesting

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My son is 13 and I am seeing many of you include your children in this process which makes me want to bring my son in too, now Im more excited to learn more quickly! Thanks Sissy!!!


Your San Francisco Treat!


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If your son is interested in it teach him to make calls and screen out the tirekickers. Sometimes they have NO fears like we do. When I first started four years ago, one of my twins would actually make the calls or return calls for me. She liked it at first, but now that she's a teenager she doesn't have the time. Sad
So that's great if your son's interested, put him to work now before those hormones start raging... LOL! Eye-wink

hello, if u can please get

hello, if u can please get that info over to me about the investor who would take an home from me that would be nice. My email is hill415@**** Sorry but I don't give out my personal phone number

Las Vegas Realtor...

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Please send my contact info to your funder,thanks.
Choose to have a properous day!

Re: Assignors..I have found a source/person to fund...

Hi Sissy:

I sent you an e-mail with my info so Ryan could contact me. Did you get it?

check out the i need help forum posted by me

i would like if you gave me some advice on the possible deal since i respect your opinion so much thanks in advance

Thank you Sissy

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Thank you so much for your reply, I honestly believe God kept me awake to see Dean's infommerical, and all the people within this website. We have a lot in common, I also have a son named Brandon, I love the inspiring messages Joel Olsteen sends to his church and fellow believers. I love that husband writes music in Nashville what a gift. I spent most of life singing. God is truely good, I have been praying for assistance and I believe he had me get on this web site for the last two days pooring through the forum for a reason. First I found the post for investors and now your post. Cowinkadink I think not. 100% our Lord.
Anyway thank you again and may God bless you and yours in this holiday season as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ and all he has and continues to do for us. Donna

Bobby's condition

When you get a chance, let me know Bobby's condition. Thanks, and wishing you and yours well. Pas. Greg

Question for you

Do you know of a site that I can go to and do credit and background checks on my tenants that is reputable.


Good Morning!
It is so nice to see you online!
Hope all is well!
Have a great day!
Love Angela!


Hello, again another newbie! I want to see if anyone has been successful with finding buyers through Dean's new book. Specifically sending investors to a pre-recorded message. I have advertised on craigslist and have had nobody call in.....

Hi we are new here.

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Hi sistreet! Regina & hubby Dave here saying HI. We are reading the book, checking out the site here and love it all. Just trying to get to know people here. HI everyone !! Very anxious to be REI for life! RE is all foreign language to me but I will learn! We moved to SC from CT a year ago so it's a bit tough not knowing RE and learning the area. In the time it will take us to learn all that "stuff" (the how to of finding out if my area is a good place, trends etc) we could be making some much needed money. We are so new to RE we have to start at the nursery school level of it LOL but we are determined! This site is great and the book explains things so well that even I can understand which is awesome for someone in my shoes Smiling We need one good "first" deal to jump start our life then we can join the coaching program we heard of and really kick it!!
Any suggestion on how we can educate ourselves a bit faster, besides BARM of coarse, would be welcomed as I am spending hours on the internet UGH LOL.
So we wish everyone here luck! We are looking forward to being part of what seems to be "not just a bunch of people" but a family! We are having a lot of fun learning so thanks to everyone for that!!
Regina and Dave

Some questions???

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Hi Sissy,
I was ready one of your posts and you said, "I picked up 3 houses last night to wholesale. Houses are very abundant right now if you just constantly look." I was wondering how you are purchasing? I want to begin making offers, but I am concerned on who to wholesale them to if someone says yes. I also saw that you shared an ad for craigslist. Could you share this with me. Thank you


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Hi Christian
I am not purchasing these houses. All I am doing is putting them under contract and searching for end buyers.
When you have a house under contract.. it is really a good idea to have an end buyer in place. I know it is hard when you are first starting out because you have no end buyers in place. Just advertize the house everywhere you can think of. If it is a really good deal, a buyer will usually step forward and bring out the cash.

I can't remember a Craigs List ad that I posted anywhere? Can you refresh my memory? I am trying to recall any ad I have posted...drawing a blank here.

Hi sissy

im a newbie n just start reading the profit from real estate right now.. Im was search forum around..Im found that u post u are little rock arkansas assignment contract legal in arkansas...if u can reply that will be great..I would love to make my first deal..thanks

Please send me a copy!

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Hello Sissy!

How you doing? I read your note on Dean's site that you wrote to Nathan. I have sent you a PM for the evaluation form to use for making
repairs to properties and businesses that were damaged. It is more the type of form that gives prices for materials and labor combined. They give prices based on Sq
footage plus the cost of labor in PDF form. I'll like to get one if you can send me a copy. You can write me there if you like. My email is [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

John A

Craigslidt, BackPage and Kijiji Ads

What's the best software to use?
If I have JPEG files, they don"t copy and paste?
I have Power Point, Publisher and JPEG pic's and none of them copy and paste?

I'm doing something wrong....HELP...

Copy and paste

sistreat's picture

I am by no means a computer expert BUT I have found when my pictures won't load on one of the web site you mentioned it is because my pics are way too big.

There's a setting in Word (Publisher) (and PowerPoint) that let's you optimise the image within the document: on the picture tool bar there is a tool called 'compress image'

If this doesn't work open a free account at Photobucket. There is a link you click on BEFORE you upload your pic to Photobucket that will allow you to choose the size you need to pic to be. Upload it in a much smaller size then copy the IMG link it will give you after it downloads. Use this link on Craigslist, Backpage, Kijji etc...

ALSO you can find free picture resizers on Google.

I am really thinking that your images are too large and it is taking an unreasonable amount of time to even attempt uploading your pics.
Hope this solves your problem.

Hey there Sistreat

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Wanted to ask you about how did you find your 1st buyer for your wholesale deals
it's crunch time

Sully, I saw your post. Here is a letter of intent to purchase.

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Date: ____________________
Thank you for the opportunity to review and consider your home.
We can purchase your home one of the following ways:
OPTION 1 $____________ for your equity as follows:
1. We pay all closing costs
2. We take over all maintenance and payments ______ days after closing
3. Plus $__________ will be payable when a new buyer obtains new
financing and title is transferred.
OPTION 2 $____________ for your equity as follows:
1. $__________ cash at closing
2. We pay all closing costs
3. We take over all maintenance and payments ______ days after closing.
4. Plus $__________ will be payable when a new buyer obtains new
financing and title is transferred.
OPTION 3 $____________ for your equity as follows:
1. $__________ cash at closing
2. We pay all closing costs
3. We take over all maintenance and payments ______ days after closing.
4. Plus $__________ will be payable when a new buyer obtains new
financing and title is transferred.
To close in 7 days, all we need to confirm is the loan balance, repairs, and
my partner’s approval.
Seller(s) Acceptance:
Seller(s) Acceptance:

Hi sistreat

Thankyou for the welcoming me on's such a pleasure to hear from you.I enjoy being on DGS site there is so much information going on here..I'm learning just by the questions and answers that people post.Dean has a giving heart he is such a inspiration to us all..May the Good Lord bless you and yours.. Cecelia