A Bit Overwhelmed with Information...

A Bit Overwhelmed with Information...

Please don't take this the wrong way (by any means) to Dean, his team or anyone else.

Does all of this information seem overwhelming??? I wish there was a few steps and you just do it and check them off, moving forward. There is so much information. I have Dean's course (TALD) Be A Real Estate Millionaire book, Totally Fullfilled Book, VIP Kit, and even personal coaching from PMI/NMR. I have a TON of information to sort through. I do also go to school full-time and work full-time and hope that it was a bit easier to pull this information in. I know there is the kit, online info, books even private help. It seems as if there is so much info and you can take so many avenues, but maybe too many avenues to take. I feel as if I am walking down a huge hotel hallway with so many doors and I can start by opening any door I want. Some will lead me to the right path, some may be for a later date, but nothing is concrete. I know that I always look for a basis or structure (in everything I do) but by no means am I trying to stir up trouble; just looking to see what has helped the most. It also seems it would be best to read it, but doing it would be better and going back and referencing would be best, than to read it and that's it. I am not sure if you will understand, but it makes sense to me, I hope you can give me a hand. Also, when you say there is a new Dean's team (mentioned from call on Wednesday) is that PMI/NMR or a new team???


Hi Overwhelmed!

Boy do I know what you mean......
I am swimming and feel like I am sinking in the depth of information but not sure what half of it even means!
I am still working through the book and asking lots of questions. I have many more yet to ask!
But I know that this will soon become clear. It is like the learning curve of any job you start. Think about it; even when you start a job in a field that you are familiar with, you have this horrible learning curve that reduces you to feeling lost and a little afraid.
We will just keep-on-keeping-on and taking one step, one lesson, one day at a time. It will still be a quicker path to making a decent living than most other avenues.
Hang in there and keep asking questions in the forums as there are so many very helpful people online who will reply.
Deb Eye-wink



start small

I totally know how you feel. To be honest with you I felt the same way in the beginning. Here is what I did. I started small. The first property I bought was a 4 unit building. That was overwhelming for me so I decided to buy single family homes instead. Just get good at one thing right now. Maybe it is single family homes that are foreclosed on or maybe it is buying at a tax sale, or maybe it is duplexes. Whatever the case, pick one thing you like, focus on it, spend 1 hour per day researching properties that fit what you are looking for and within 2 months you will be in great shape. Once you buy your first property you will learn a ton. Good luck.


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

I agree. It seems like I

I agree. It seems like I learned a lot more actually doing the job or tasks or doing what I learned in the Think A Little Different program and the books by Dean, versus just sitting here and reading. It seems as if I am reading a book, but only a bit sticks and a lot flies out the window because I am not actually doing it. There is a lot of factual information, but (for me) it doesn't stay with me because they are facts and nothing to have me remember it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish it was a bit easier to follow. Do I start with either of his books, or read his program??? You can bounce around, start reading or go out looking for property, but before you do that line up a team, you can start looking for property first if you want. I wish it was more concrete. I think if it was more of a cookie cutter program, things would be less overwhelming, easier to follow and easier to have faith in the program to go out and do it, instead of just reading it.

I feel the same way

I've given up my career of ten years and started a biz based on deans teachings... I and my girlfriend have been working 15 hours a day, each of us, and even though we have an investor list and properties under contract, nothing is panning out... I feel totally overwhelmed. I know the system works, I just wish I had someone in my corner to tell us that everything will be alright between now and our pay day. I know people can go from zero to a million in a year in this biz, but how does anyone get any sleep before their first completed deal?

Don't give up

I felt that I should comment here because I was also overwhelmed in the beginning. There is so much information and so many different strategies to work or directions to go in. Once I found my direction, it got better. You can't do everything in the beginning, but if you choose a direction then you begin a path. AND...you have to keep going. It's all a learning experience.

It didn't happen fast for me at all either, but it did happen. I finally sold my first Fix N Flip just last week. Do you know how long it took beginning to end? 11 months! I bought a good property in a central location. I followed all the rules. I bought low in a neighborhood that had higher values. The appraisal of my house was really high....but where I live the market is still very depressed and it sat there while I lowered the price and lowered the price every two weeks. That was the hard reality.

The happy ending is that it did finally sell and I DID make a profit. Had I known it would take so long and would have been much more aggressive in lowering the price in the beginning, but I was going by the numbers...the comps. The next one should be easier. You have to keep trying and it will happen. Ask experienced people for as much help as possible and opinions on how to do it better.

I have faith in you. You can do it.


11 months??? JEEZ! Actualy, from the time I started this journey it's been about 9 months. I do have a lot of positive people in my life that are working with me and supporting me. I've got properties under contract and I'm building my buyer's list almost every day. My first deal is coming soon, just gotta fill up my deal bucket and buyer bucket Smiling

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