need help

need help

We are delighted by your course; as a matter of fact we also purchased your newer one with the CD's and booklets; we're waiting for it to arrive. We love getting your mail and all your teachings and calls from the consultants. you're a dynamic speaker and show honesty..please keep that up.
Bill & Diane Perkins

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Hi William H!

Dean Graziosi here, did you go to the website and download the
fast start sheet I left for you?

It's actually fun filling it out. You will identify your
obstacles, opportunities and strengths, and It's
an awesome exercise that'll help you succeed!

If you haven't done it yet, I want to encourage you
to do so. I promise it will be worth your time

I was thinking today about what it was like for me
when I started out investing. Looking back, I wish
I would have had a mentor, or even a book (like the
one I finally wrote) when I started.

Maybe I was too bull headed or just not smart
enough to try and learn from others.

Maybe I was just out there "doing it" so much
that I didn't take the time to see if someone
else had already done it and I could learn from

Don't get me wrong. I am more than thankful for
the success I have been able to achieve...but
I could have been so much further ahead if
I would have learned from a mentor, or read a
little more about other people's trial and error.

I was also thinking of my experiences over the
past 20 years of real estate investing, and I
wanted to tell you that you could not have
gotten involved in my program at a better time.

The people who take action now with Real Estate,
stand to make millions, and I'm not talking about
having to build skyscrapers like Donald Trump either.

I'm talking about regular people who know the
strategies like how to find foreclosures, buy
them for pennies on the dollar, and rent them out to
cover costs and sell them when the market pops
back up.

You know what kind of people do this?

People just like YOU - when they have someone like
me guiding them every step of the's money

You need to be pumped about the decision you made
to try buying real estate Right Now. And of course it is
with the best real estate book ever created Smiling.

We have a window of opportunity like never
before. I know I am going to make a boat load of
money over the next year an if you dedicate a
little time to this so can you.

In fact as a reminder of how regular people just
like you took action and got amazing results
crank up your speakers and click on the link
below and listen to some of my success stories.



All the strength you need is from God, the real God, Jesus the Messiah. Embrace HIM today.

Man, I'm glad Deans people called me after I bought the Kit!

Bill and Diane,

I have to admit I know exectly how you feel, I felt the same way in the beginning. When the people from Dean's corporation originally called me to see if I was what they were looking for as a coaching student I was skeptical. Everyone told me not to do it, except one guy-Willie Herath. He told me it would be worth it and it made sense. Everyone that told me not to do it were people who had no success. I didn't have the money so I put the entire amount needed on my credit card. I listened and moved forward. The information I learned has given me infinate returns on my investment. Fast forward 2.5 years I now have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity and enough cashflow to never have to work again. I nearly make 5000 every month in passive income-2.5 years later! I had never bought a property in my life until 2.5 years ago! I'm not telling you to do enter the mentoring program but I am saying this: THINK LONG TERM! DO YOU THINK IT HAS PAID OFF FOR ME? THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAN AND CO. FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


CBR is right... and like anything in life you have to analyze with a rational thought process.

For me, this is how I look at it, and I'm not saying my logic infallible, just giving you some insight to my thought process. A business investment usually costs 3X the net annualized profit + assets. For the sake of argument say there is no assets, but what CBR's business would cost nearly $200,000. If I could generate his same results, then I would be stealing it for the cost of coaching, even if I could only reach a fraction of his success. Since there are no guarantees I will be successful, I factor that in as well, but for me, I still see a lot more reward than risk in my own equation.

But... that is apples and oranges because it is not plug and play revenue in real estate investing when starting up on your own, you actually have to do the work to get where CBR is. But, this is the way I personally approach the risk/reward model of such a decision.

Also, what comes to mind is thinking in terms of education. A technical trade education can cost 4 - 8x as much to get me a job that doesn't pay terribly well and I work your butt off at. If I have the right mindset and knowledge, working that hard and that much in completing deals could possibly land me more in one. And, if nothing else, even if I work at it and decide it's not for me 6 months later, I think I would be hard pressed to not be able to apply that knowledge just when buying my own next personal residence and being able to save $10 - $20k, and I'll probably do that several times over the course of my life.

Like CBR said, think long term. You're not spending the money on a crap shoot, you're spending it on a education for things that you carry forward with you in life for both practical situations and income situations, even if you don't stick with real estate investing for life.

Good Luck!

I hope you succeed in all you do. In Him all things are possible!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

Lambchop, I was merely

Lambchop, I was merely trying to put it into perspective in pure reality, not emotion or dollars and cents. If the mentorship is beyond your means, it is what it is, there is no reason to become agitated because of it. The mentoring is not perquisite to being successful, it is just another tool available to give investors a boost and dedicated professional to put and keep you on track. Some need that extra boost and insight to keep moving or to help them work out tricky situations, especially while they are structuring a deal or in the process of completing one, others may not.

But again, all I was doing was trying to put it into perspective that the service being rendered is a good deal, not that the amount of money is inconsequential or not a lot of money for some people. No one is saying if you don't have much money you should overextend yourself, but for those that do have the means, it is definitely a option worthy of serious consideration, because it is great education and tool that can pay for itself over and over when executed properly. If it weren't for the fact that experienced mentors aren't cheap to staff, it would be in reach to many more people.

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