Unique Situation

Unique Situation

Okay, I've just gotten started with Dean's program yesterday. I feel I have a unique situation as my Husband's grandfather passed away a little over 2 years ago. He owned three lots, which were already going into defalt do to back taxes. The County now is in the process of putting it up for a tax sale. This property is already in the hands of an attorney, and it is just a matter of them getting all the paperwork together before it goes up for sale. I am now also trying to get the paperwork together to keep it so that I can sell it. I am now "racing" the attorney. The only problem is I don't know how to really go about this like the attorney does. HELP!!!

My question is how do I do this and fast. I would like to keep one of the lots, as my Father-In-Law is staying there, and part out the other two lots to pay the back taxes and now attorney fees. And make some money doing it.


Call the county. Try to get

Call the county. Try to get in touch with someone who can explain what is going on and what you need to do. The steps probably vary county by county. I think the best thing you can do to get the most effective information is to find a sympathetic ear inside the department that handles it. They should know their internal process as good anyone. Call them, get to the right person and try to make a friend.

Keep the parts about the investing, money potential, etc on the sidelines. Just let them know as a relative with interest beyond the value of the properties why you need to save them.

Beyond that, I can only recommend fighting fire with fire.

I think the only person who can answer your questions is the county though. If you happen to have any friends of friends that have that connections to the county it may expedite you getting to the right person on the inside who can get you the proper information.

Have you searched the county records yet for the property to see what it all says. Perhaps you could post those (remove all identifying information of the property, including the county it is in) and someone can give you more assistance.

tax sales

I think if you or your husband is related to him then all you have to do is go and pay the back taxes and put it in your husbands name. Before the redemption period is up anyone from the family can redeem it. So I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. Please let me know what happens I'm interested. Good Question! Sincerly, Darrell

unique situation

I have called the county, they said that they have to go through the immediate heirs first, my husbands father and aunts. They also do not have a death record on his grandmother. And one of his Aunts has died. So I have to get notarized letters from his living aunts stating that they want nothing to do with the place. And, death certificates on his aunt and grandmother....

More updates to come. Thank you for your input!!! I may still need it.


I have called the atty that the property is with. The atty says that I do not need notarized letters from the aunts, I need to get a affidavit of heirship. And to do this I have to file through an atty....And this just puts the property into the name of the heirs. Then to put it into my husbands name we have to get his aunts to sign the warranty deed, basically to get it out of their name and put it into my husbands....

Does this make since???? Do I have to file the affidavit through an atty??? If not how do I do it?


I'm no expert, but sounds like the county should know what you should do. They are the ones going to sell the property at tax sale. Also sounds like the attorney would need to get the signature names of the prop also. So, he wants you to pay for what you could do? If you're in contact with them, contact them and let them know what you want to do, have them sign the deed, all pay part of the taxes and all make part of the profit. Would make it easier to have them sign the deed, and probably the right thing to do. Share to property proceeds. (Just my opinion)

Good Luck,

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