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Darrell Frith
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SOLD!! for $4000!Yea!!Ok now I must concentrate on my next project which is my $180 house !I have done the plumbing now its time to do a little electical!Then on to sheetrocking!Then "Kilz" everthing then paint it!Then must paint outside for curb appeal!Its pink right now thats the way it came so its almost time to paint it a light green for the color of money!I will keep you all posted! But its tax sale season! Get in on the bottom level!Its cheaper!But you do have a 3 yr. waiting period!

making lots of money, hunting ,fishing

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Sold $4000!

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Back wall is built and insulated! Plumbing is done just a lil eletricial work then sheetrocking! But I really can't wait to paint the outside! So tired of pink!LOL! But for $180 what do you expect? easy to get my money back!

tax liens

I am interested in tax liens and your advise to well founded. Can I email when I need advise about liens and sales. Hello to the family.

I have a small lot that was given to six members of the family to settle an estate. The lot size is 50x100. I bought one of the relative's portion and the rest I have informed that I would like to buy their portion and no one is answering back and I am paying the taxes. So if I keep informing them each year to pay their share and they don't can I claim the property.
Thanks and have a bless day.
Emma, armygrannie50@****

more info...

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Hey man, I was a native born(Dothan)Alabama and still have family there.
I want to know more about your work and business venture with the overbid..say more, please.
grady richard corbin

Over bid?

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Hey Grady and I have family in Arkansas.But in order to do some over bid you need to go to the court house and look up all the Tax sale properties. You have to dig a little deeper to find out what the property sold for.Lets say a properties starting bid was $1000, and the property was sold for $10,000.10000-1000=9000 that is suppose to go to the property owners but the state tries to keep it. Barely try to find the property owner! So what I do is hook those property owners up with their money for a 25% of the ir funds! No over-head!Grady I have been buying properties in Highland Arkansas . That is Southeast Arkansas. I was wondering if you knew anything about that area. I'm getting these lots pretty cheap!

Tax sales --yes sir

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yes Im intrested in the Tax sales,and no I dont have any money right now ,But that wont stop me! I in this for the long haul.

thanks for your help


life is good


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can you explain this more? this sounds interesting

just joined

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hello darrell, just touching base,im working on a place..just got the price from the owner's.$ 15,000 for a 3 bed 1 bath on a nice lot...needs a total Rehab, good bones. need money lender? will keep you posted! good luck!



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thanks for keeping me in the loop!Grady here..Right now there is nothing;nada..in my county Carroll, but Stone, Boone,Madison counties, all around me have properties that were no bids, just setting there waiting for an offer.
Been busy...but I need the time to go, take a day or two and physically look at some properties because I'm excited about getting some.
P.s> i've just gotten so excited because I have some friends, private investors, who've invested a sizeable chunk of yep,, cash intomy LLC for purchases.....can't believe it so excited ,, don't know where to begin now that I can go out and offer LOW on good properties.
thanks much



Hey here is something for you to look at!

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http://www.revenue.alabama.gov/advalorem/transcript/transcript.htm Copy this address and let me know if this helps!ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Roll Tide

I just moved here about three years ago, and I will tell you that by saying Roll Tide you have probably eliminated at least .0005 of the people that will listen to what you say.LOL!!! Alabama does have some of the straigest laws that I have seen. That ain't stopping me....

Roll Tide

I haven't bought any tax liens...how long do you have to hold the property before you can sell it? I have bought a house at the courthouse for a great profit, but never tried a tax lien!!

Tax sales in Alabama

I am interested in current state tax sales in Alabama, specifically, Morgan County.

I went to the TaxSaleLists.com website but nothing was listed currently in the state of Alabama. Am I looking in the right place? If you could lead me in the right direction, that would be great.


Stephanie Nicholson

Please help

First of all i would like to thank you for helping me and other with this. My question for you is, i am interested in Washington DC, Mayland, Virginia, Seattle (WA) and Oakland or bar area to do the tax lien or tax deed. I have about 25,000.00 in my saving i would like to use it for. How do i get these properties in the area i've mentioned above? Please help

I am brand NEW

I am up to page 76 in Dean's book.
learning a lot. But don't know where to really start. Today had a wild hair, but I am bald: called 5 different banks here in and around Arab, Al left my name and email address asking for a email response for REO's in the area. I see some email traffic concerning tax liens sales would like to know more. See ya Curtis

Tax sale overages

I am in Indiana and am interested in tax overbids can you help answer some questions. Who exactly are the bid overages owed back to? I have the bid and sold list for my area. The list has a sale ID #,property ID#, owner name/abbr.legal, min bid and actual bid amount. I have the list but I don't know what I'm looking at. Who do I contact to give the min bid amount back to? Do you know what govt. office holds the overbid monies? Do you have a guide on what to say to the owed person so that they don't go over your head and recover the overage for themselves without you getting a percentage? Do you have them sign a contract?
Please help.

wow alot of Questions!

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LOL! Well let start with the first question The over bid goes to the property owners. The people whos property is being sold.The contact person would be the county court house you can look up all the properties soldand the final bid and here is a web site for you Indiana folks!The state treasure holds the funds!And Yes you get them to sign a contract first before you even tell them what and where the money is from! Then you send them a "power of attorney" Know if they go to get the money for themselves you can take them to court!Let me know if I helped you at all ! By the way here is the Indiana web-site https://www.indianaunclaimed.com/apps/ag/ucp/index.html
hope this helps you good luck!!!!

overage info


Thanks for your help, I will put this info to work this week.I will post how it goes. Have a good one!


wow what a lot of $$$$$

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My answer too you is www.TaxSaleLists.com
and you will not need all of that money!!


just got deans books full of useful info thank god its already changed my way of thinking and im thankful for your tax info but i have a need for an investor have a ton of great deals in my area that could make alot of $$$ need some info thank u. d.edwards

I have a question

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I am interested in buying tax lien can u tell me about how much money I will need. Also I am trying not to get to overwhelmed with what I am trying to accomplish. If you would like put in the address 5160 missildine circle montgomery,Alabama and you will see what I am doing. I have plans to renovate the whole property. Just looking for the funds. Is it possiable to make quick money in a tax sale or do I need to find another route.

question about taxes

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darrell I have been looking at the tax liens in montgomery I havent bought one yet. I went to the website I also want to buy a tax lien in crenshaw can I do all this on the Internet or do I need to go to the courthouse and do you have any more good advice to give

Yea you can!

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Hey Brenda yes you can do it all through the mail!! You can look up the property and get the address online.If you want to call me Brenda and talk I'm in the phone book!!Please I don't mind helping you at all!! Thanks, Darrell

Hi There!

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Just stopping by to say Hi!
Great Stuff with all the Tax Sales!
I am now looking into this directly because of you! I've looked into certificates etc. in the past. However, I am going to look a little deeper now ......THANKS YOU BIG PICKLE!!!

P.S. I also enjoy the hunting and fishing bit! SO....if you ever need a hunting or fishing buddy...I'm GAME...get it....GAME LOL.


Thanks for your post on my guestbook. As of right now Im doing birddogs for a wholsale company in Ga trying to get some money behind me just having a problem locating investors. I am intersted in tax sale so I will be contacting you for a little help with that. Thanks again


War Eagle

Over bid

I would love the info for that process for charlotte, NC


I've sent several inquiries to you asking for your help in that area. Please respond and let me know if you know the process for North Carolina.

whats up?

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whats up? With that on my home page!! GOOOO !!!Goooo Razor Backs!!!!!!!!!

Re: No, Emma

You must control it all.. Hopes this helps.. Milyan88

Re: Hello

I'm a INVESTOR. How can I help you? Milyan88

Re: Check a little closer to home?

Hi, Stephanie..

Take a look at your local courthouse I know you will be glad you did... Now you are pointing in the RIGHT DIRECTION... Milyan88


I would like to know the e-commerce website.

Just take the deed to a

Just take the deed to a notary public and let them know that the other party is transferring their deed over to you! They will take the deed and make sure all information is correct and tell the owner where to sign and you where to write your name. Done Deal! Good luck!!!

2 houses for sale 1 lot 35k

yep, 35k ... needs some work in Tuscaloosa AL


late arrival...

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hi darrell...i just found this info and decided to check and see if you are still working on those tax sales...i am new to all this and decided to go the route of checking if there was a REI group here in Alabama (thank goodness there is) and see if I could chat with you and possibly get some assistance...i am right now hoping to find things in the Montgomery county area right now (limited by available transportation) so if you are free to get me pointed in the right direction, by all means send me a PM and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon--and by the way...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

Tax Sales

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Hey Darrell, Just visited the websites you posted and can see now why you are so high on them. Also, the refund aspect is of great intrest. I am located in Bham....where do you live? Also interested in your post regarding rehabber contractors available. I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully partnering with you in the future. Hope all is going real good with you and thanks for the info.

Steve Guy

Tax Sales

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Hey Darrell, Just visited the websites you posted and can see now why you are so high on them. Also, the refund aspect is of great intrest. I am located in Bham....where do you live? Also interested in your post regarding rehabber contractors available. I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully partnering with you in the future. Hope all is going real good with you and thanks for the info.

Steve Guy

Hi I live in alabama

Just trying to net work with investors in ala. if interested contact me .I am just getting started.So i will keep this short. hope to here from you soon.


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Hi Mr. Frith! I am very interested in getting started in tax overages and I would really appreciate if you could give me some pointers. Firstly, I know that it takes a lot of hard work and time to find the public records for overages, but I am not sure where to start. Do I go to my county clerk's office and ask for tax overages or do I as for something else. I am not sure what to say or do. I am not even sure what is the county clerk's office. Also where did you get your documents to have individual sign once you have located them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!

Just like knb80 I, too, am

Just like knb80 I, too, am interested in tax overages. Can't you get access to the properties that were sold and the purchase prices online? Also, do you need the assistance of a real estate attorney in order to use the correct contract forms? If not, then where do you obtain these forms?

Also, where are you buying your lots? In Alabama through tax sales? I reside in CA.

Hey Bobby!

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Hey Bobby yes I buy my properties in Alabama 7 around the southeast!But mostly from the state! We have so many properties that we have over the counters tax liens & deeds! But yes I have 3 contracts that I use for my refund business!And I sell them for $100 for all three!If you are interested please let me know!I will help you as much as I can!

Tax overage accounts

Hi Darrell

I am located in San Antonio, Tx and have heard that in Texas you can only make $1,000 dollars if you find someone money for them. Do you know anything about this State and the rules that apply. I have been looking for sometime and can not find the answer and was wondering if you may know something.Have you heard that you need to be licensed like a private investigtor? This is something I would like to do part-time while laid off. I would appreciate any resonse.



tax sale overages


I am intrigued by tax sale overages and am wondering if you can point me in the right direction as to where I can get credible information on them, especially in regards to the law.


Yes I can!

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I can point you in the right direction but wheres the fun in that!LOL!First let me address the point about the law!I have told everybody I have come across that asked about overages (stressing this)the laws are different in every State!Don't ask nobody anything!Look up your laws that you will be dealing with yourself!It does not take long!I have had officials down at the County that will lie to you when it comes to that overage money!They depend on that money and hardly try if at all to find the owners! There are alot of Counties that are psssing new laws for the overages money!!And as far as the overages What do you want to know?I'll try to help you as much as I can!

Tax deeds

I own 2 rental properties and am extremely interested in purchasing houses that have been Sold To State, (Tax Deeds. How realistic is it to end up with a back tax property? Does anyone have a good funding source for those types of properties? Will a blanket loan provided by a hardmoney company do the trick? If you do get the property, how long does it take for the deed to be recorded before you can resell to another investor?

Frank McGee
Birmingham, Alabama

John Lane Fast Cash


I bought John Lanes Fast Cash system. I hope the system working out for you?


Tax Overage In louisiana

Hi Darryl ,I want to get started here in louisiana ,so I would to know can you point me in the direction I need to go .I would also like to know where can I get the forms I would send out to the clients.Your help is greatly appreciated.

Do you know the site for

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Do you know the site for Florida's unclaimed money?

Overages and Tax Liens

Darrell would you be willing to share your knowledge and expertise with me about overiages and tax liens ? I could really use some help with these.