Weird Question

Weird Question

I have a weird question. what are the metals and little icons under user names and how are they obtained?


Reward For Your Participation.....posted from dgadmin
Rewards For Your Participation
February 29th, 2008 | posted by dgadmin

* Dean Graziosi

We have implemented a system to give users points based on their contributions to this website. Every time you post a forum topic, respond to a topic, add a comment or invite another person you will accumulate "User Points" that will be used to identify and reward those who actively participate in our online community.

We have many exciting tools and concepts in the works of great value to all real estate investors, from the novice to the expert. We will be using the points system as a way thank those who help make the community a special and unique place for all to share, learn and advance. And while we have not determined exactly what the rewards will be and at what point levels, we are sure you will be very excited about them once they are announced.

Start building up your points on our site right now by getting involved in the discussions, answering questions, asking questions, sharing knowledge, reporting news and by inviting other people to become users here using the "Invite a Friend" option. We will also be on the lookout for exceptional contributions and personally assign extra points for those.

To check your points, just click on the "My Points" link. You can also find out who the top contributors are by clicking the "Users by Points" link.

Hint: When you invite a friend, you will also get points when the friend you invited gets points.


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Hover your mouse over each badge and it will give you a description. They are given periodically for participation. The points are a reference of your participation level. We are developing new systems and bounties for users who help make the community a great asset for everyone interested in REI.

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