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Anita Wilson
Southern California
About Me: 

greetings everyone:

I have been on this site almost since it was opened and all I can say is that I have encounters success beyond imagination.

Not only have I acquired massive real estate investment knowledge, skills and education but I have found a second family - my family and fellow Graziosians. I have also increased my net worth by hundreds of thousands fold, and you can do it too.

I have done multiple deals in everything from assignments, lease options, notes, owner finance and even some using PML and HML monies.

I am going to keep this short but I want everyone who reads this to know that I would never have achieved all that I have without Dean's books. BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE is like my second bible. It goes everywhaere with me and even as successful as I have been in REI, I still use it to refer to and still learn something new everytime I open it.

Much success to you all!

Becoming A Real Estate Millionaire!

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Need help

Hi my name is jonathan and the question for you is what contract or form do i need to lock a deal?


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if it is a lease purchase or lease w/ option to buy use that form. If you are trying to lock it up to reassign it or sell the paper use the contract to reassign. All of these forms plus more can be found to the left under FORMS and docs

Hi Anita.

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Hi Anita.

I went online briefly this afternoon, saw you left some information in my guestbook. When I got home just now I went back in to retrieve it, only to see it had disappeared. That was probably wise.
(Now how do you put those goofy smiles in here?)
I'll e-mail you.


(No subject)

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Smiling Smiling Smiling Oh, that's how!


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email me anitarny@****

Hey, there.

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Hey, there.

Wish I was closer to California. I'm not in a position to put out that kind of money, but it would be fun to get together! I see why people out there need to assign a sale instead of buying! Here you're talking $30,000 - $90,000 for an REO and rent of $450-$900mo. Little bit different, huh?
There's still good money to be made, though. Even with only $30,000 - $50,000 profit with each flip, it ads up!

I'll e-mail you with my phone#. It would be nice to talk.


Boy it's hard to catch up

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Boy it's hard to catch up when you're away from the computer for awhile!!

Anita, I just briefly saw your comment SOMEWHERE in here about our "REI Club". I can't even find it again to reply! but yes, I think we have a good start Smiling. I have to go but I'll talk to you later.



Hi Anita, Are you locking up properties you find through Realtors or FSBO's
Because, I don't know about down south but up here in Nor Cal you must put up $1000 earnest money in order to make an offer through a Realtor.

Go Lakers!

Earnest money

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i have been doing both but I only put up one 500.00 check and the Realtor just copies it to submit with offers. On the FSBO I submit it myself directly to the owner.

Good morning!

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Hi, Anita. I left you a reply. It seems like there's a big delay in the PMs. I've noticed that with other people, too.
Yes, you're absolutely right. It is a BEAUTIFUL day. PTL

Talk to you soon,

Good morning, everybody!!

loan mods

hi anita have you done loan mods, and do you have to be a lender or a mortgage company to negotiate with them for the borrower?. Will they allow a company that represents the borrower through disclousures and written Authorization.


Have you started any deals yet/

any deal?

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Yes I have.

yo ant?

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i gotta ask, how did you get your credit score from the 500's to you getting 2 business credit cards all in a months time? it's kinda hard to believe? YOUR HERO,SULLY.

hi sully

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I did what they said do when they called me regarding the mentoring program. I contested everything on my credit reports BUT I also asked that they remove it until resolved, and they did. I really did not expect them to but they did. I called last week and asked for an updated credit report and they sent me one with a much higher score and it did not show but 5 of the items I contested. That was Trans union. I dont know what equifax or experian have yet but AMEX uses Trans union for credit decisions. I asked, which I guess is something thats not done a lot. I also learned that if they did not get proof of debt back in to them in a timely manner it would be removed for failure to show proof on creditors part. I have been very aggressive with this.

Welcome ANITA. Here is the status of the Card application(s) you submitted to us.

Date Received Card Status of Application Next Step
May 10, 2008
Congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.
If you requested a balance transfer to this card, click here to view the status of that transfer

hey Anita,

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Very impressive resume! Thanks for giving us something to shoot for.



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thank you very much...shoot on!

Hi Anita

Thanks for giving us u resume,its impressive.
Just a question,can u please help me to find the link of foreclosures,im trying it and its no possible,
thanks very much


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in the upper left corner of this page there is a search bar. type in RealtyTrac and you will get lots of them from the post.

saw that you were online

Hi i read where you had developed an investors group in AL. I am also an investor (beginner) and am having problems getting started with lenders. I have some really good deals in my area of Madison County but I need funding for my deals. Please Help.


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I'm very good at the research...of finding great deals. I'd like to assign to help me get out of a "debt. hole" so I can then buy my own house for my two boys (single mom) I've found a house (back at Freddie Mac now) @ 35% below market value. Is there a way to assign this property? Is there an "assign" form that you prefer?

Thank you...Donna Palmer

These are the contracts that

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These are the contracts that I use but Dean has some good ones on here too. Look to the left of page under Forms and Doc

hi anita

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Hi Anita,

I went out and look at couple of properties in boston area.. yes im form MASS.. but I'm having a trouble time trying to dafrt up a letter to the owner. i really think this pice of property is grat and that i could make lots of money on it... theres two Univeristies around the area BU and BC which its great for college students and on top of it theres 10 parking garages. I could just alone rent those out for 500 am onth and right their that would pay the morgage on the house.. please could you help me out.

hi anthony

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email me at anitarny@**** exactly what you need help on and I will be glad to lend a hand

homes in georgia

hi anita,

are you still looking to invest in rental properties? i have some information on 20 properties at about
one million. Are you working with a group of investors? Let me know if i can bring you two together. Let me know if i can help!!!!

hi patty

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what did you have in mind. email me th specifics anitarny@****

You Are An Inspiration

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Right now, I'm on the conference call listening to you and I stand in awe. You are incredible and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU DID IT! YOU ARE DOING IT! YOU GO GIRL!

And thank you for the personal words of encouragement. I've been thinking about putting RE license on deposit bcuz of conflict of interest issues which have made me shy away from investing; but I am going to take the DA (Dean-Anita) challenge and get the ball rolling.

Thanks again~
God Bless


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You go Kathy. I am glad to have been an inspiration for you to take that step. Believe me, even if you fall on the first step, your legs not broken so stand up and step again!


You are truly an inspiration!!

I am interested soley in rental properties and later, commercial property for rental; I am also interested in property outside of New York where I live because the economy is really bad here. My question is, how ca I get pst this economic delema to pursue my dream? I would like to have you as a mentor.


Thanks for all your great info.the contract i am going to use for assigning a property is it the agreement to purchase contract.I don't want to mess this up .I am goin to put my first deal together I am READY.Great call last night thank you

I live in lakewood I will e-mail you would like to make contact if that will be all right

Last night's conference

Hello Anita,

Wow! I was on the call with you last night and am very impressed with your portfolio and the work that you've done with Dean G in six weeks. Wanted to send you congratulations for taking
control of your life after over coming your illness. You have inspired
me to go after my dreams also. Thanks for allowing yourself to help others with your sharing on the blog!

I'm a slow reader and have not completed Dean's book yet, but since I heard you on the call I'm starting to focus more.

Thanks again!


How much do you charge the investor ( buyer) for your assignment fee, what factors do you use to calculate the number that get?

Yes what is a fair investors fee?

Once I find Investors how much should I request for the finders fee????

finders fees

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I live in California so everything is high. I charge 1% or 1500.00 which ever is higher.

assigning a short sale

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I've learned so much from you and others already just from reading. I am grateful. Thank you.
I have a short sale that I'm about to put a purchase agreement on. DO you know how long I have to wait before I can re sell or even assign the property due to the lag time of the bank accepting my offer on the short sale?

found property

Hi, anita Maybe you can give an answer. I have talked to two prospects wanting to move and sell their houses. I need an interested investor. I haven't finished the books yet,but i,ve been reading for effect. GCjohn

I am sorry...

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but what exactly is the question

Hi Anita, I heard your

Hi Anita,

I heard your conference call back in May, I thank you for the courage you have provided to myself and so many others.
Have you worked at all with the Homevestors of We buy Ugly houses...I recently spoke to an investor of the company who seems interested in a property I may have found. I am curious if the company is against paying finder fees to people like myself who find properties. This may be my first deal. I am anxious yet a little scurred. Please help if you or anyone knows the answer to this question.

Thanks Anita for giving me that UUUMPH THAT I needed, just when I was running low on gas!!!

hi frank

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I am glad I gave the extra little
But the We Buy Ugly Houses group is just another group of investors that buy as well. I am sure they may offer some sort of finders fee but starting anywhere is better than starting no where go ask them all they can say is no. If they do make sure you get everything in writing and good luck

Thanks Anita...YOU'RE RIGHT


You are right and no never killed anyone yet so I have nothing to lose.

I printed the forms needed from Deans sight. And Sully helped me by suggesting that I use the Purchase Agreement form, he said it would better than charging a finders fee.

Thanks Dean for this sight!
Thanks Anita & Sully for all of your helpful advice!


help getting started

hi anita
im from jersey. real quick about me. i am a single mom and sept 2006 i lost my beautiful son at a young age of 19 i basically died with him. i have a daughter and i have been trying to buy a home for us in a different area. i work full time out doors to avoid people if you follow me i have a difficult time functioning,let alone being around people so thats just me.anyway i have more going on w my health because of the loss of my baby. i need yours and deans help how and where do i get started? my funds are limited as you can see why. i have his book hard cover and soft cover/disc as well i have been reading it but im scared and dont know what to do first i need to make extra money i can use the income can you help me ? im not even sure about my credit WHAT DO I DO STEP BY STEP EXACTLY PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU soon
linda jerseygirl122561@****

Hi Linda

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I read your post and I understand exactly what you are saying . I think you could start out bird-dogging or wholesaling. So here is a link to several post that will help you almost step by step to get started.

Assigning Deals


I learned alot from reading all your posts and just had a few questions for you. I have a couple of investors lined up that are willing to buy locked up houses. I have a question though that i think you could help me on. Correct me if i am wrong im just trying to go through this step by step.

This is just an example.

1) Find the property and lock up.

Say i locked the contract up they want a $100,000 i agree to theses terms and i have 30 days to assign the property over.

2) I find the investor and i say i will make them a deal for $110,000 do i have them sign the contract that i signed or is it a new for the $110,000.

Is there anything im missing or am i close let me know.

e-mail me at justin.gazzara@****

i look forward to hearing from you and would like to thank you in advance for your help.

You inspire me!


Wow Girl I am really impressed with you.
I am still in the early stages of this and still reading the book. I would like to be able to bounce ideas off of you, if that is okay?


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that would be just fine

You are a true inspiration

I read your profile soon after I read the book. We are similar in many ways especially our backgrounds so I've continued to watch your posts and was thrilled when you were on last month's conference call. I couldn't believe it when you said you got Dean's book after sitting in a hospital bed it was like a mirror image after that! (see my profile) I figured you were such an inspiration I would wait for the dust to settle before contacting you. I'm sure you were swamped with accolades after being brave enough to make the call. Thanks Dean for choosing a real student, it's a true testament to your continued efforts and proof that your system does work!!

At any rate, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life story with us and continuing to be a real inspiration for those just getting started. I do have a question with regard to your recent post "Deal of a Lifetime". If you were able to exchange the down payment for the repairs and use that as equity, I'm wasn't sure how you further secured the deal. Does this mean you will pay the current owner their current mort. plus interest and keep the cash flow and pay them the agreed upon sale price at a time in the future when you choose or did you assume the mortg and own it outright now. I'm unclear how you retain ownership in this particular deal. I understand and know how you negotiated the figures you posted -- and by the way, thank you for being wiling to provide that information -- it really helps us novices, but I don't understand how the mort. note worked for you. One other question, were you required to pay the realtor any fees for setting up the mort. note? Thank you again for your help.
HEIDE (can email: eidefam@****)

Hi Heide

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Thank you for your post it means alot to me to hear from others on here.
Well the owner carried th deal and I only used my realtor to drive the point across about the property. The owner carried the entire note and I was deeded the property at the title company when we signed the paperwork. So it was 100% owner finance. No realtor needed at all.

Hi Heide

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Thank you for your post it means alot to me to hear from others on here.
Well the owner carried th deal and I only used my realtor to drive the point across about the property. The owner carried the entire note and I was deeded the property at the title company when we signed the paperwork. So it was 100% owner finance. No realtor needed at all.

I'm still lost

How did the owner make the money on the sale? If I understand agreed on price, you made the repairs, then went to title company after repair completion and was assigned as property owner but how did you pay for the property? Does the owner still carry the mortgage and you make the payments to him until you purchase it out right later in the future for the agreed upon price? I'm really confused on this deal. It sounds terrific, but I'm accustomed to -- I pay X dollars and now it's mine so I'm lost in the paper work shuffle right now on this particular one. I know there was no money transferred so when does the previous owner get paid to make him want to take your offer? Thanks again for your time.


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no I did not go to title company AFTER repairs, I went before. The owner owned the property outright and owed no money on it. The agreed to finance it them selves and wanted a certain percentage down.. Instead of giving the percentage down, I agreed to do the repairs but set up a schedule of completion for them. After we agreed on this I went to title company and they did THE PAPER WORK FOR THE DEEDS.

I owned the property before I made any repairs. I am paying the owner just like he was the bank