ACTUAL - Purchase Agreement/Offer

ACTUAL - Purchase Agreement/Offer

This is an actual purchase agreement/offer that has been completely filled out. This one was prepared by the realtor with my specs. I dont use the simple one because I have found the dont really work for me unless I am presenting them to an owner directly for owner financing deals. In that case the simple the better.

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I am having trouble feeling out the purchase agreement and how to submit an offer can any one help me i am getting frustrated. If anyone could help me ill appreciated Thanks.

Agreement to Purchase/Purchase and Sale Agreement

Can somebody tell me the difference between these 2 forms and when each respective one should be used? Thanks!

Thank you

this site is so helpful and has everything you need at your fingertips.

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Your question is how to fill out the forms and submit an offer. Well, first, lets cover whether or not it is a listed property. If it is listed by an agent, you will need to use the state approved Real Estate Purchase Contract which you can get from your agent or Realtor. It is state law in most every state that Realtors and agents have to use the state approved contract. They will be familiar with the form and should help you fill it out correctly.

If you are looking at a property which is not listed by a Realtor, then you can use the contracts on DG. You will need to fill it out yourself and present the offer to the seller yourself. However, it is prudent to have them reviewed by an attorney to make sure they are valid where you live. All real estate attorneys are capable of writing their own contracts which you can use in place of the "REPC" mentioned above. But, Realtors cannot write contracts and bound to use the approved contracts.

Making offers is basically an exercise where you have either your Realtor present your offer, or you presenting your offer to the seller. Again, it is dependent on if the property is listed for sale by a Realtor.

I hope this helps you understand the process. The states all have their own laws and it is good to contact your state real estate department for information on how your state laws read.


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Looks Good

Does anyone have a TN purchase agreement filled out to go by ?


for those that need to see what one looks like


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and/or assigns buyers

Can you let me know the basics of filling one out in florida please. i'm an investor new to the florida area.

This is

what I call the meat and potato's post.

4 years ago

so i also live in cali like anitarny, and saw 4 years ago she said its better to be less complicated with fsbo's and use the sites purchase agreement. Do you guys find that true still? I am planning to make some offers soon so if i get anything locked down i want to move ahead without a hitch! any help or advice of copies of contracts even just blank ones would be alot of help!

Contract and certian iteams

I am afraid to put one under contract leaving myself open to lawsuits.I live in Western Massachusetts an I found 2 properties have a small list of possible investors, but the contract is my stumbling block. What are the different ways to protect you self when trying to wholesale???? Help



This community is AMAZING ;D


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purchase contract

hello my name is Cuauhtletl and im about to start whoselling you know where how i can i purchase contract for Minnesota who i should contact ?



Cuauhtletl Quetzalcoatl

In same State of FL


Is it possible to get your insight on how to fill out the FL Purchase Agreement?


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