Automated foreclosure finder

Automated foreclosure finder

I have been useing the Automated foreclosure finder with no success.
I have had about a dozen calls, but they all listen about 10 seconds and hang up.
I am useing the provided message for people to listen to.
Any advise on a new message?
Is anybody else useing this with success?


Automated Service (foreclosures)

I have not tried this service but it is worth mentioning!

Before, getting a complete list of properties scheduled for sale each day required standing on the courthouse steps for months. Because properties can postpone up to one year, you cannot simply get the latest list of notices from other services or the county, and show up ready to bid. The majority of properties sold each day have been postponed. eliminates this tedious process, and gives you a complete list of properties scheduled for auction the moment you sign up.

Exclusive Bank Owned (REO) Properties List

One of the major benefits of our auction tracking is that we know which properties sold back to the bank, the very day it happens. Other services provide trustees deeds or bank listings weeks later, and too late to still be an opportunity for a real estate professional or investor. As such, bank owned properties really haven’t been much of an opportunity until now. By tracking the auctions, we post our list of bank owned opportunities within hours of the actual sale. No one else even comes close to providing this level of information.

Foreclosed Home Auction Sheets Make It Easy

Our exclusive Track feature allows you to easily see which foreclosures are scheduled for sale each day throughout the State. Sorted by status, auction location, and by time, following ten to over 100 auctions is now manageable. Auction buyers no longer need to worry about writing down everything the auctioneer says. It will all be available at by the end of the day. For non-auction buyers, print out your auction results search to get tremendous insight into what really happens at the auctions. Now you can know what sold, what postponed, and what cancelled the same day the pros do.

Unlike other services that do not track the auctions, our list of auction properties only includes active foreclosures that are currently scheduled for sale. No more wasting time and energy on properties that have already been sold or cancelled. We remove those items from our list the same day. Stay updated on postponements. We not only provide the new date, but the reason for the postponement. If you value your time, and care about having current, accurate information, you will find this service invaluable.

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