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Randy Bailiff
Salt Lake City, Utah
About Me: 

I have been involved in r.e. investing for 13 years. I have taught to r.e. agents and investors through out the U.S.
I have conducted real estate investment seminars in 49 states. I owned American Mortgage Company with offices in two states.
I currently coach those trying to get into r.e. investing or those trying to change their approach.
I am involved in a number of activities including race car driving, skydiving, cycle racing and shooting.
President of the St. Andrews Society of Utah.
Real Estate Investor Instructor for the University of Management and Technology.
Member: Residential Real Estate Finance & Investment Linkedin
Member: Public Speaking Network Linkedin
Member: Real Estate Investor Linkedin
Member: Wholesalers Network (Real Estate) Linkedin

Race-car Driving, Fencing, Travel

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Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment and Life Coach
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One



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Good to hear from you Keith! Fire at will!
Happy New Year



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Hi coach!! It's great to know you and learn from you !! Looking forward to taking my life and real estate to a higher level !!


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Glad to have you on board Jay! There is always a higher level!It is only up to us to pursue it.


Looking forward to learning from you.

Hi there!

The obstacles and negativity in my life have held be back long enough. I can't wait to take the necessary steps to learn from and rely on the best to change my life.

My Lucky Year!

Hi Randy! I am so excited to see a familar face! I was part of Dean's Boots on the Ground in Denver this past May. After being shot down a few times, I retreated to 'lick my wounds', but I feel fired up again and ready to make 2013 my lucky year!! Stay close to those phones, cause I think I'm going to overcome my greaest obstacle...asking for HELP! Have a wonderful Holiday. You'll be hearing from me!

Thank you

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Hi Randy
Thank you for your help and knowledge at the Orlando meeting. Excited to see what happens now after putting knowledge to action.



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How are things going Jay?

1st deal

i can someone to walk me through my 1st deal just a question or 2

1st Deal

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Sure that is what we do!

Hay Randy

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Hay my friend how are things going not much to say be talking to you tomorrow just wanted to say HI

Hello Randy

Thanks for all the great tips and resources which you have shared on dg.com.

You are such a great inspiration to me and my rei business.

God bless you:)

My favorite quote of today "No matter what comes your way, shake it off and move forward. When you have a positive mindset, you can't be defeated."- Joel Osteen