Attracting Investors or buyers for my foreclosures

Attracting Investors or buyers for my foreclosures

I'm new to the AFF system to attract foreclosures. I'm curious as to how most others attract investors once the foreclosure deals start coming in?



Lots of ways...

You can start a website to list your deals (pictures, etc), use craigslist, call investors, etc. Another good way is to contact realtors and let them know about what you have going on. Offer them a kickback to properties you assign that come from them.

Finding investors is like finding deals, you have to be persistent.

How to find foreclosures

Hi, I just recently ordered dean's book, and I am unclear about how to find foreclosures in my area, Can someone please point me in the right direction? And how do I recognize which ads in the paper or necessary for locking up properties and establishing relationships with those realtors?


Pleasw start here


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