Tips on Reviewing the Front of Property

Tips on Reviewing the Front of Property

When looking at the front of properties you are looking at you want to remember the importance of how the front looks. Prospective buyers will be looking at the front of the house also.

Here are some ideas I use to evaluate and improve the front of properties:

- Check out the aesthetics of the front of the house. I take a digital picture of the front of the house so that I can take the picture home, print if off my computer in black and white and color in the picture. This allows me to see colors, extra trees and shrubs and manipulate the house to make it the best looking house with minimal cost without actually doing the work – just in case I want to change it later it does not cost me.
- Check the front door. What is the condition of the front door? The front door leads to the house. If the door looks bad so will the rest of the house.
- How is the covering of the house: Paint, siding, brick. What condition is it in?
- How is the roof? If the roof takes me more than 30 seconds to look at I can assume something is wrong with the roof.
- Foundation. I need to check for stress and settlement cracks. If I see these crack I will usually hire a professional to let me know how bad the cracks are.

There may be more that you can look at for the house but this list should get most people going and thinking about the front of the house.


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