Tips on Inspecting the Inside of Properties

Tips on Inspecting the Inside of Properties

When inspecting the inside of the properties you will want to find a system that works well for you. I would always make sure I had an evaluation form or checklist. This generally helps make sure that you have not missed anything.

You can think of the inside as up, down. Look up at the ceiling, fan, light. Look down to the wall, switches, windows, doors. Look down to the floor.

Make sure that each room fits with the house. I have seen some rooms bright pink while the rest of the house is a pale green – gross.

Common colors that seem to be selling well in my area right now are a two tone scarlet type red on bottom and a tan on top.

Keep in mind that the rooms that sell houses is the kitchen and bathrooms. Spend extra time on this and it will pay off. Also, remember, we are not trying to make these houses the white house, we are just trying to make these houses look good for buyers.


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