Quick Tip about Good Attorneys

Quick Tip about Good Attorneys

Attorneys can be a very excellent power team member.

Most do not need attorneys to start (so don't worry if you don't have money to pay for one now.)

Good attorneys should be able to understand:
- Real Estate trusts in great detail. The common Real Estate Trust is one of the most widely used real estate transfer vehicles. The Trust has been around since 1908 and gives the beneficiary great anonymity while retaining control of real estate and its benefits.

- The foreclosure process. Realtors that understand the foreclosure process can be a great asset to you and you investing business.

- Evictions in the area that you are investing in. Many times investors that are starting out do not know how to evict a tenant run into a lot of trouble. Having someone that understands the process and has the power to throw their weight around can save you thousands in eviction costs.

- Contracts. You will run into contracts and contract addendums you do not understand. It is always a good idea to have someone that is looking out for your benefit when dealing with contracts.


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