Quick Tip working with Appraisers

Quick Tip working with Appraisers

Appraisers that understand how investing works can be a great asset to your power team.

I use an appraiser who I can tell that I would like the lower, realalistic, current value of properties now. This kind of appraisal works very well when I need to give a lower offer or possibly change, say, the BPO in a short sale.

I would never suggest working with a shady appraiser just someone that understands how to help you values such as lower values or higher values with an acceptable range.

If you can find an appraiser that can move fast this can also be a huge asset. Often closings such as short sales may require quick understanding of the property. Having a good, quick appraiser can be invaluable.

Their costs are nominal compared to what they can offer you


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