Dean's audio clips to put on MP3 player

Dean's audio clips to put on MP3 player

I'm hoping this is the right place to put this but I was wondering if there is a "legal" way to download in Mp3 format Dean's audio clips.

The reason I ask is I walk and jog on a daily basis and normally I have music playing while I do my workouts but I was thinking that having his inspirational audio clips and talking about deals he did and how to think out of the box and so forth, it would be nice to have that playing as I walked, or in the vehicle as were driving searching for properties.

He has a way of keeping you excited about the whole process. Maybe there is away and it's already on this site but I can't find it, I don't mind paying for the clips either, whatever it takes:)


Hello DG Family

How are you my name is Maurice Tobin and I am the Killeen, Ft Hood area in TX.

I just recieved Dean's book and I'm getting started. If there any one on the DG site that coulc give words of wisdom or are close to me and would and I could contact for help. I would appreciate it.

Maurice Tobin

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