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Linda,Gary, Michael, John Bobeck
Northwestern Wisconsin
About Me: 

My wife and I live out here in the country of Northwestern Wisconsin with our two boys Michael and John, we own our own place in the woods, we all seen Dean's infomercial on TV late one night I believe it was around 1-5-09 and he was so fully of energy and positive that we had to order the book and give it a shot.

We as a family do everything together, we are real close, so we figured right off the bat that we'd all go into this venture together, to build a better future for us and get away from the dead end jobs of "clock punching".

We travel out west every year and do some gold prospecting, the photo we have on here is a shot taken running a sluice on a stream in South Dakota, never hit it big but it sure is fun:)

Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, walking, Paintballing, airsoft, gold panning, biking, camping, sightseeing, anything outdoors.

Basic Info

Wal-Mart electronic sales associate
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Hi Gary!

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Welcome to the DG Family! I'm from the south central part of the state, glad to have another WI person here! I wish you much success and look forward to reading about your ventures!