New Wholesaler .. Looking for an Agent.

New Wholesaler .. Looking for an Agent.

When calling agencies do I ask or look for an agent that wants to work with a newbie wholesaler? Leave the newbie part out and act like an experienced pro? Or do I just look for an agent and leave the wholesaling part out? please help Im ready to get started!!


Here's a link on Wholesaling

Hi Russ,

Here's a link on Wholesaling, started by Elena M., that might help.

Good luck!


Hi Russ, here's two more

I am new to this as well.

Below is a link I found very useful:

All the Questions a newbie can ask (from RE Agents to business cards to deals, it has been asked here (and answered!) - 30 Days Quick Cash Formula by Michelle

And here's another one by Mike (reinvestor42)

Hope it helps! Smiling Good luck!


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