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I.T. Professional / Real Estate Investor
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Hi Greg, thanks for visiting

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Hi Greg, thanks for visiting my guestbook. Yes we are neighbors.. (About 3 to four hour drive or so). We can PM for mentoring or projects. Smiling I'm relatively new to REI but I am learning quick! I'm learning a WHOLE lot from this site!

We are Sooooo not up the road...

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but I enjoyed the chat anyways. Smiling

You are definitely on the right track, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Imagine where you'll be one year from now and make it happen!

Take Care

Hey Mark!

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Thanks for visiting.. Yes, we are soooo not up on the road! But we are BOTH on the road to REI riches! It will happen! Smiling


Homes for sale

What are the arv,estimated rehab costs,rental rates on those properties?Are they in war zones or low crime neighborhoods?

Hi Peter,

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your inquiry. The 5 properties below (that I put on the DG Classified Ads) are now Investor-owned. They were all formerly Bank REOs (Real Estate Owned) and I have 10 days to close. I just got 4 of those yesterday, so just knowing the "low prices" as compared to the Market Value of the prices around here, I am thinking about buying/rehabbing/holding. My contractor and I are scheduling an inspection so we can realistically compute for what it will cost to repair the properties. They look like good rehab/flip properties as well. I will PM you my contact details, you can call me at your convenience (you can leave a message and the best time for me to call you back). I can share more info with you then.



$48500 Home For Sale As-Is in Houston, Texas
$68,900 Home For Sale As-Is in Humble, Texas
$30952 Home For Sale As-Is in Houston, Texas
$17184 Home For Sale As-Is in Humble, Texas
$37900 Home For Sale As-Is in Houston, Texas


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Added 4 More Properties for Sale As Is (Handy Man Specials!)

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Added 4 More Properties for sale on my website and also on the DG Classified ads. Keeping the links handy for me here:

$38,900 Home For Sale As-Is in Baytown, Texas 77521

$34,900 Home For Sale As-Is in Houston, Texas 77045

$49,900 Home For Sale As-Is in Houston, Texas 77075

$35,900 Home For Sale As-Is in Baytown, Texas 77520


Hello Cris. I am new to real estate investing and in the Houston area also. Is this stuff for real?

Hi Greg

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I found two new properties (through one of my birddogs) that I haven't posted on the DG classifieds nor on my website yet. I just spoke to a fellow investor and he is interested I might not even have to post it (one property)on my website. Smiling I have just wasted 3 days of my life and 2K so I'm disappointed but my "why" is bigger. Smiling

I met up with an investor from Dallas who also invests in Houston. If you want to partner up with him let me know, PM me your details and I'll pass it on to him if you are interested.

How are your deals going? Happy investing!


Hi Randy,

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I am also fairly new to Real Estate Investing (REI) (hello fellow newbie!) Smiling

I don't understand your question, so I will try to answer it with what I have learned so far:

If you mean is REI for real? I think it is! There's a lot of people who were able to secure their financial future at a faster pace using REI, so it must be real! We just have to learn how to do it, there are books we can read, and if we can back them up with action, then we can get results. What I find though is that it requires a LOT of work, so be prepared for that. Smiling

I would suggest you read Dean's books (I've read them, my favorite is the 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, I think it's more structured, and will be a good resource for you. Dean's other books Your Town Your Real Estate Profits, & Profit From Real Estate Right Now are also good books, but if you want to sort of "hit the ground running" READ the "30 Days" book first (it's the yellow book) Click the banner on top of this page.

Feel free to click my user name, then go to my Journal and scroll down to the way bottom, I have created "links" there that I share, those that I found useful and those I refer other fellow newbies to.

I would suggest you immerse yourself with the books, because most of REI stuff are in Dean's books. Read those first, and if you feel you need coaching, they have the Success Academy that Dean writes about in his books, call them. The Success Academy has helped a lot of DGers like Matt Larson, so if you will invest money in education, do it with Dean's books first, and then do the Success Academy. (I haven't signed up yet with them, but I eventually will, when budget allows). Smiling

Good luck and Happy Investing!


Randy - Here's a quick link

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Randy - Here's a quick link, then just scroll down: Smiling

Hope it helps!