Want to expand my wholesaling to Az and Nv

Want to expand my wholesaling to Az and Nv

I want to expand my wholesaling from socal l.a. and surrounding areas to Arizona and Nevada. would like some help on what part of the city to look and what parts to stay out off. Thaks


Wholesaling in AZ

Arizona is a great real estate market. Phoenix is really competitive but there are some great deals there. I would recommend looking in Tucson, AZ. It's not super far from Phoenix, and not the same number of investors looking to do deals. I have had some really good deals down there.
Hope this helps.

happy investing!


Thank you for the info, I

Thank you for the info, I was interested in phoenix area. I don't think it could be anymore competitive than out here in l.a. areas. What areas do you recommend phoenix?

Expanding your market

Hi Chonglis1,

I agree with Matt about AZ. If you want to be in the Phoenix market I would suggest on the outskirts areas like Apache Junction, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Sunrise..... If you want to invest in NV, try North Las Vegas, and outer parts of Henderson, Nevada.

Hope this helps.
Shah Ali

Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.


Congrats on moving out of the LA market. I was forced to do the same thing and it was a wonderful decision.

I wish you the best. Keep us informed.



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Looking for Investors/buyers in Southern Arizona area.

We are focusing on the Southern Arizona area and are in need of investor/buyers for this beautiful area.



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