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Hello my friends, my name is Shah, I am a Trainer at the PMI Success Academy. I have been in real estate since 2003. I started out as a agent and my first year was all about learning the business, Investors became my niche market and there after everything was great, made a lot of money and learned so much. With all of my success I ended up buying a franchise of the brokerage I was working for (Exit Realty) in 2006. I then became the Sales Manager for my brokerage. At the same time I was continuing to make sales and investments for myself. Also I hold a MBA and speak fluent Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, English, some Spanish and learning Italian.
I love helping people and I am a genius in thinking outside the box to get things done. Marketing is a great skill I have and networking is also a huge asset I posses. I am fearless and will work hard to get things done. Ask me anything and you will always get a honest answer. Don't hesitate to contact me

Hanging out with my family, espcially my daughter. Traveling, Learning new languages and cultures, Creating new ways to do things, Networking, Having fun, Boating, Hiking, VOLLEYBALL (DON'T EVEN CHALLENGE ME IF YOUR NOT A PRO)......

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