MLS Short Sales

MLS Short Sales

I am interested in a few different short sales in my area that are listed in MLS. Now i know a short sale is for a property that has a remaining mortgage balance higher than its appraised value. Do i need to worry about a second lien or other hidden debts, and since it is through a RE agent, how is it any different than just buying a property through a regular sale? Also, what is the difference between a short sale and a short sale contingency? If anyone has answers I'd appreciate your response. Thanks.


Structure on Bird-dogging?

hi Kevin,

How do you work with bird-doggers? what does the agreement spell out and what legal forms do you prepare andcomplete to make the transction legit? What % of commissions do you pay? I am interested in shorts and have quite a few at-hand, but i really want to do the deals myself,so i cam come up. What incentive are you offering for me to send you "HOT" deals?



Bird- Dogging

hey kevin,

Ditto, i'm with patty12 thanks for breaking the ice patrice.i knew that shorties were time consuming but i wasnt aware of the complexity of them.i too am interested in pursuing these in my area (chicago). thanks for the insight.


Are you offering a service?

Or are you offering a contract with us fellow investors.


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You def. have to worry lol,

You def. have to worry lol, check out everything first.

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