Making offers on REOs without going to see them first

Making offers on REOs without going to see them first

I keep hearing about investors who make 20-30 offers on REO properties every week - they don't even go and look at them, they just make really low offers. What I'd like to know is, how do they know how much to offer without going and looking at the house and seeing what it needs? Is there anyone out there doing this sort of thing - I'd love some tips on how you go about deciding how much to offer without seeing the house. It seems to me that the end buyer would want as much information as possible about the house - or is that taken care of during the inspection period of the contract?
Thanks for the help!


Look online at the

Look online at the house

Comps of houses in the area minus what repairs might be needed + another % if you're paying cash

has not worked for me

I have made many "low ball" offers on homes without looking at them. The only ones that were not rejected, and we negotiated an agreement on, turned out to need more rehab than what made the deal doable. We had to back out on all of them. I prefer to check out the property first.



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lets talk about no money down.

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Thank you Al for your honesty. Much appreciated.

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