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Elix Brown
Brooklyn NY
About Me: 

Experienced NYS Licensed Real Estate Agent and multiple investment homeowner who loves real estate with a passion and also enjoys helping others.

This is the greatest business on the planet to make as much money as you can, but it is not for the weak; if you want to it, it shall be.

Real Estate, Sports, Investments

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I need to sell my properties....

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I have two properties in Maine near the University of Maine and want to know the best option if I do an owner financing.

Exactly what steps do I take???

Short Sales

Do you need help with processing Short Sales. I am looking for an agent or real estate investor that need help with getting sellers approved by the bank for short sales

nice to meet you

I live in the portland area,but i will travel anywhere in the state if i have to, it's a blessing what you are doing for me, i would love the oppertunity and i thankyou very much. how long have you been part of the dg family? do you live in maine too? i would like to meet with you or if your not in the state, maybe you can send me some information on the properties with the location, so i can get to work right away, i would love to get to work right away, you can send me an email at superrealestate@****. thanks again for your blessings and i'll be waiting to here from you.


coa phone service

Hi everyone, I am new and I am fired up about getting started, I tried to find the the coaphoneservice on the web, and I am have not been able to locate, can someone, help!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello it's akena from maine

are you still going to help me out?, maybe you can give me a different way to contact you maybe your not on this site much, well thanks again hope to here from you akena

Have you been practicing

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Have you been practicing like I mentioned to you??? Have you been looking for other properties

Properties in the Atlanta Ga area

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How are you Greg. I'm Lorenzo and I'm fairly new but never scared!!I would love to do some Birddogging for you to start a partnership between states.Let me know.

P.S I like the Image of "Gentlemanly taste" Nice touch...


elix brown

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hey Elix,

Just stoping by to say thanks for the posts it really help me understand alot

God Bless


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Brad

Thank You

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Thank you so much for all the tips and advice that you have shared with me!

I'm a brand spanking new Realtor/Investor and I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!




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Hello Elix

I have been trying to look for an agent who is willing to work with an up and coming investor like myself here in New York city. It has been very difficult, I either e-mail or call them, nothing. Its very demoralizing. Im down, but not out. I have no experience and I just finish reading deans book. I was fired from my job 2 years ago, I have been looking for a job ever since, but, it is not easy trying to obtain work. My unemployement just dried up and after learning about real estate investing I figured this might be the way to go and make money, but it is not as easy as the book says. I was hoping you might have some words of wisdom to help me out or mabe you can represent me.

Please PM ASAP

Thank You

I need HELP!!!!

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Hey Elix,

I am a newby in Columbia SC. I have tried assigning deals and Lease options with no luck here. I was referred to you by pdqservicesinc. I am looking to do wholesale deals outside of columbia and have read Profit from Real Estate right now by dean but am confused on how to start investing outside of my area. Please help Me!! thanks

DM Williams

May You have Great Success

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May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.


Thank for information you

Thank for information you give.

coa phone service

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Here's the link if you haven't found it. If you are already using it, please let me know your thoughts. i have just finished Profit from RE right now and am keen to use this service.


Ready to close the Deal!!!!

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I have read all about you lift my pride the become the best in this investor business.

Problem #1: I have a Buyers that just today have been approved by the bank. Problem is that the house he wants is listed by a real estate agent.

How can i close this deal and still come out on top?

Which form do i use between me and the agent?

With a buyer.

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with a buyer is the first thing to do is for them to get approve on how much house they can buy?

Just dropping by

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Hi Elix, Josh here, just wanting to say as a fellow Brooklyknight, you rock. Thanks for all the info in your posts and can't wait to hear more from you. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.


Speaking with realtors

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Hi elixbrown,

I have the RBBP and I have started calling some realtors in my area.
Do have some suggestions about speaking to realtors? How to impress upon them that you may be new, but you are serious about real estate investing and you have the knowledge? How do I approach the realtor without sending up red flags about doing assignments of contract or double closings?

Thanks for your help!!

New To This

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I'm a newbie here and I'm treating this site as my new face book lol. Just wanted to say what's up and I hope you make lots of money and have crazy fun. I'm looking to build my buyers list now and get really involved with the DG Fam.

Do you want a Partner in PA?

We are currently working wholesaling in PA, FL and Jersey. PM us if you are interested in the detail of our properties. PS will you be at the edge event 2012?
Hope to hear from you soon


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Are you still buying in Atlanta?


I seen a property that was sold in 1970 for $16,100. vacant. I found info on it. there are no comps that recently sold that match the bedrooms, bath and sq ft. what do I do if I wanted to purchase or assign it. it appraise for $31,000. could the become a deal?