Dealing with agents in NYC

Dealing with agents in NYC

So far dealing with agents and brokers to find mls properties is an interesting experience. I as them to send me lists of properties as often as the get them, I then bid on all of the listings they send me.

My bid is based on my due dilligence, I only bid at a price that makes sense for what I am trying to accomplish, this usually means that my bids are far below their asking price.

In my book this is just fine, I have no idea the situation of the seller and what he or she is willing to accept, further more it never hurts to ask. But this does mean that I do create alot of work for the agents.

So with all the work that I am having to agents do for me, I always wonder "just how many of my bids are they actually placing.


Interesting Point

I'm in NYC myself and many agents I've dealt with have a funny way of showing they are interested in making money. I only found one who is willing to work things out creatively and I found her in the field like myself, not sitting in an office. I am not trying to offend any agents out there, but that's just my experience so far. Keep it moving!

The foundation you lie today will support the tower you build tomorrow.



i agree with you marcellas

i agree with you marcellas im from the area too, and the nyc agents are just flat out cocky and conceided as hell...not all, but many

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