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Hey Brandon!

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Cool name! My son's name is Brandon. Smiling
I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Dean's board he created for all of us.
I know you will find many new real estate friends and enjoy reading all the great informaion on the board. I look forward to hearing about your first deal.
Also if you will fill out your profile and tell everyone what state and town you live in...chances are you may find someone from the board who lives very close to you. Many great investing partnerships have been formed right here on Deans board. Also tell us a little about yourself on your profile. I like reading about how special and unique each person is. Smiling

Property for sale

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I might have a property to sell it is located in Brooklyn. Bank approved! It is a two family 6 beds, 3 baths brick construction

Reply if you are interested.

Love Brooklyn

I do alot of my work in brooklyn, I buy and sell here. I also do work in bronx, queens and manhattan. are you wholesaling, birdoging, investing? lets exhange contact info.

Invest in NYC

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Do you have any 2 - 4 family houses in the Bronx? Let me know. My funds are coming from a HML. Thank you.

Hi Brandon

Mike, here new to this site but not real estate. I'm an Investor/Wholesaler in Manhattan.
I would love to discuss the possibilities of us working alongside one another in some JV's. I have cash buyers in NYC whose criteria are the following:

NYC buyer's criteria again:
= Brooklyn (except Far Rockaway, East New York), Queens, and Bronx.
= 1-4 Family. 6-8 units also.
= Vacant only.
= Okay with any amount of repairs.
= Will consider vacant lots.
= From 30% to 70% off the market value.

If this looks like something your interested in please PM so that we can discuss this further at a later date.


Happy Investing!!!!!

Welcome to NY

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I have many investors that are looking for many properties to purchase in NY.
What types of properties are they, REO, NOTES NPN or PN, Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, WHat Percentage on the dollar are you selling them for.




I'm located on Long Island:)

Hi there! I was wondering if you'd like to branch out to Long Island?



Looking for REO Properties in Brooklyn, NY

Hello Brandon,
My name is La Vonna. I am currently working with an investor's rep who is looking for multi family bank owned properties in Brookyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and two other areas. They want to acquire them at 35% below FMV with a price point range of $100K to $400K. They are willing to spend up to $15K on rehab and don't want to deal with other intermediaries. I have proof of funds and a letter of intent from the investor and have an option agreement in place that gives me the freedom to negotiate birddog or/and assigning fees. If you have anything that fit this criteria, please inbox me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello everyone!

My name is Edward A, I am a real estate investor specialized in wholesaling in Brooklyn and Queens area.
I am very excited to be on the site, and looking to share and learn a lot from you!



Looking to get into the game

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Hi All,
My name is Eric, i'm brand new to this forum. I'm glad i'm here to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with like minded people. Real Estate has been my passion ever since i can remember. I have my license but i'm inactive right now. I'm from the New York area. I would like to know where do i get started in the investing arena with bad credit and no capital? All i have right now is my desire, determination and persistence. I have a couple of investors in the Queens area that's looking for all cash deals. What is your advice to me at this point? How should i proceed? What is the best way to start making money in this game with my background?

New York City, Investor

Hey Brandon,

I am a NYC agent. I would like to meet with people from NYC, NJ who would like to make it big using DG principles.
This also goes to anyone in the DG site, please feel free to contact me to through ideas and take action on them.

Nyc investing

Hey nyc agent we are a Staten Island based team of investors looking to partner up with other like minded people. We want to buy fix and flip. Maybe we can get the ball rolling together. We are looking for starter homes in Nyc. If your interested let us know, or just some friendly feedback.


I have investors looking in this area. let me know if you have any good deals.

looking forward to working with you,