Made Eight Offers...Received One Counter-Offer! Nervous

Made Eight Offers...Received One Counter-Offer! Nervous

So,I've been away from REI, for a number of years now and just within the last two weeks, have started making offers again. Just received my first counter-offer today, on one of the properties and am a bit nervous as to how to proceed(except to counter, the counter-offer)and then look to lock up the deal if my counter-offer, is accepted. Haven't done this in a while and know that I will be bumbling my way through it, to begin with, so would appreciate all the guidance and assistance that anyone's willing to give!


Bryant Slade


Without any details, it is hard to offer any specific guidance and assistance. But, in general, you have the right idea. If their counter is higher than your highest allowable offer, then counter it and wait to see what will happen. Once you get the acceptance, you move on to the next step.


Are you buying and holding or do you have a buyer in place? Ter Scott


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Yes, we don't have the details,

but if you need to counter again, just do so. Hopefully you will get a deal you need. Do you have a buyer or are you sure you can do something with the home? this may be what the nerves are about. Otherwise you are on a good path. Best wishes!

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