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Simon Campbell
North Miami, Florida
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Simon Campbell has spent over 15 years in all the various facets having to do with real estate including sales, purchases, investment and research. His experience also includes commercial and residential property management and even real estate appraisal. He is recognized among his peers as an expert in the real estate field. Now after gaining such a wealth of personal experience, Simon has changed directions and is now sharing his knowledge and experience with others through writing, mentoring and consultation.

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Thanks for responding to my thread regarding investing in a second property.

Here is my story:


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Hi Simon,

Here is the breakdown on my first home purchase that I am not living in (rent both floors out right now):

- 2 Family Home purchase of $280,000 at a 3.5% down payment.
- Current outstanding mortgage balance = $253,000
- I generate roughly $800 profit/rental income from the home.
- Current appraised value = $415,000

With all that information, do you think it is still worth refinancing, if so, please help me paint a vivid picture.

All in all what is your advice. Is it all worth it?

Thanks in advance for your help!