non disclosure/non circumvent agreement

non disclosure/non circumvent agreement

I need a non disclosure/ non circumevent agreement for investors. Can somebody post one?



Hi talder, I have one that you might be able to use. Change what you want or where needed. I got this from another RE course I studied. I'm not a lawyer nor do I claim to be so I advise you have it reviewed by your legal source before you use it. Good luck, I hope it works for you.



THIS AGREEMENT entered into on this______________day of____________________,
20_____ is for the Professional Association and arrangement of Non-Circumvention,
Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality between_____________________________________
whose office is at______________________________________________________________
and ___________________________________whose principal place of business is at
Hereinafter, called the “The Parties,” The Parties with this agree to respect the integrity and tangible value of this agreement between them.

THIS AGREEMENT is a perpetuating guarantee for five (5) years from the date of execution and is to be applied to any and all transactions present and future, of the introducing party, including subsequent follow-up, repeat, extended, renegotiated, and new transactions regardless of the success of the project.

Because of THIS AGREEMENT, the Parties involved in this transaction may learn from one another, or from principals, the names and telephone numbers of note buyers, borrowers, lenders, agents, finders, banks, lending corporations, individuals and/or trusts, or Buyers and Sellers hereinafter called contacts. The Parties with this acknowledge, accept and agree that the identities of the contacts will be recognized by the other Party as exclusive and valuable contacts of the introducing Party and will remain so for the duration of this agreement.

The Parties agree to keep confidential the names of any contacts introduced or revealed to the other party, and that their firm, company, associates, corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, divisions, subsidiaries, employees, agents, heirs, assigns, designees, or consultants will not contact, deal with, negotiate or participate in any transactions with any of the contacts without first entering a written agreement with the Party who provided such contact unless that Party gives prior written permission. Such confidentiality will include any names, addresses, telephone, telex, facsimile numbers, email addresses and /or other pertinent information disclosed or revealed to either Party.

The Parties agree not to disclose, reveal or make use of any information during discussion or observation regarding methods, concepts, ideas, product/service, or proposed new products or services. Nor to do business with any of the revealed contacts without the written consent of the introducing party or parties.

The Parties agree that due to the many variables surrounding each Business/Financial Transaction that will occur because of this agreement, the commission to be paid and/or the fee structure between the Parties can vary. A separate pay out agreement is attached here to outline compensation for each Business/Financial Transaction. The pay out agreement must be drafted and acknowledged by signature before all Business/Financial Transactions.

In case of circumvention, the Parties agree and guarantee that they will pay a legal monetary penalty that is equal to the commission or fee the circumvented Party should have realized in such transactions, by the person(s) engaged on the circumvention for each occurrence. If either party commences legal proceedings to interpret or enforce the terms of THIS AGREEMENT, the prevailing Party will be entitled to recover court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

The parties will construe THIS AGREEMENT in accordance with the laws of the State of
( ), County of ( ). If any provision of this agreement is found to be void by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in force and effect.

THIS AGREEMENT contains the entire understanding between the Parties and any waivers, amendments or modifications to THIS AGREEMENT will be subject to the above conditions and must be attached hereto.

Upon execution of THIS AGREEMENT by signature below, the Parties agree that any individual, firm, company, associates, corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, divisions, subsidiaries, employees, agents, heirs, assigns, designees or consultants of which the signee is an agent, officer, heir, successor, assign, or designee is bound by the terms of THIS AGREEMENT.

A facsimile copy of this Non- Circumvention, Non- Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement shall constitute a legal and binding instrument. By setting forth my hand below I warrant that I have complete authority to enter into THIS AGREEMENT.


Buyer’s Signature: _______________________________ Date: ___________

Non-Circumvent Agreement

Thanks, lbrown - that helped me too.



Hey, thanks Leslie!!! I googled for contracts that were worded concisely while still being precise and targeted to real estate investing. My new contact/partner and I decided it would be a good idea to have something like this between us as we get to know each other and move forward into some deals. He is a local dialled right into this community in a way I never could be. I am someone with great DG and IE training and networked out into that community, something he does not have. As we begin to move forward, we have established a 50 yard line division of effort and focus. He does all the dealing with the seller, the property walk-throughs, rehab estimates, etc. and hands off the information to me at that line. I market for the buyers and build the postlets and use everything I have learned here to run the deal from there to the other end ... the buyer. We've also agreed to split the spread 50-50 as co-wholesalers on assignments or double closes. I expect things will run well, but if something comes up, I will post here to report out. To everyone's success!


Marie-Buffalo/Ontario, Canada

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