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I'm married with 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. I'm currently employed at a casino as a slot technician. I started my journey collecting information about becoming a RE about 2002. Yeah I know, there's only one thing to say "Procrastination". See no one can tell me anything about that I don't already know. IT'S A DREAM STEALER! Well let me put it this way, I caught that thief, locked it away, and melted down the key to its cell. I'm on a mission to improve my situation and I'm not turning back.

Spending time with family, fishing

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Slot Technician
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found a property

Hi DG family, I found a property that I think I can profit from. It's a single family home. I've had an opportunity to view the inside and out. It's listed as a 2 bed, one bath but after seeing it the space upstairs could be turned into a 3rd bedroom. That would make it more appealing to more people I think. Not much serious repairs appear to be needed. I look forward to redoing the kitchen and bath, also I'm going to have to add a closet upstairs. The house is being offered for $23,900. Without knowing the comps I would say that the home should appraise for at least 60 to 70K as is. I'm going to go to an agent to have comps done and I need a title search. Then I will make an offer. I'm still a little unsure about which contract/strategy to use to lock up the deal. I would appreciate any assistance I could get. Thanks in advance.
PS. This property is being offered by an out of town Realtor who's representing an out of town Corporation. Will this make a difference?


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Congrats! Sounds like you may have a really great deal there. Is it something you want to flip? Or possibly hold onto for yourself?



Hi Rina, nice to finally get to talk to you. To answer your question I was leaning towards flipping or assigning this one. I want to satisfy some bills and put some back to re-invest. Rome wasn't built over night so I know neither will my business, but it's moving forward and that;s a good thing.

Welcome to the DG

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Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!