What contract should I use for my offer ?

What contract should I use for my offer ?

Hello DG Family, My brother and I live in Florida and my brother has a house in Indiana that is now empty . It needs some repairs. He wants Out from it .He is willing for me to just take over the payments and be done with it.
I am about to have a realtor put it on the MLS to sell AS IS and make a few thousand on it.
How should I do this deal and what steps and Contracts do I use to take it over from my brother and then to an eventual end buyer ?


GENE BUSSARD..It's Time to Grow !!

What contract should I use for my offer ?

Hey Gene,

That's the exact same question I need to know. I see all kinds of contracts on this website but I haven't been able to locate an Offer contract that I could use between myself and the seller in order to lock up a property before wholesaling it to a buyer.

Dean mentioned that the Offer form only has 3 fill in the blanks ... one for the property address, one for the closing date and one for the amount of the offer. Does anyone have a copy of that Offer form or a link to the form if it is on this website?



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