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Travis Derod
Charleston, SC
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I started studying real estate investing when Carleton H. Sheets was running his late nite infomercial for the "No Down Payment" program. I bought it and all it did was collect dust and I forgot about it. I was cleaning and throwing things out and I came across it. I popped in the DVD and I was hyped but, still didn't do anything. I believe that's was in/or around 2005.

A few years after that I seen a late night infomercial with Dean Graziosi. I was like wow, another guy. But, this guy is different. I finally found his website and started to do some networking and reading over a few of the threads. This site is awesome.

My niches are wholesaling and bird-dogging. I've done a good bit of homework on it and I am diving in. I'm currently farming in Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Hanahan, Bonneau, Folly Beach, Goose Creek, Ladson, Hollywood and Mount Pleasant, and all of these areas are located in SOUTH CAROLINA.

If you would like to network or if you have any deals please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) and/or add me on Linked IN, the link is below to the right. You are also welcome to give me a call. You can always find my updated contact number on my Linked IN profile. I currently have about five (5) seasoned investors that I'm currently working with and they all use CASH and can close quickly. Maybe we are the missing link for one of your deals.

Real Estate Investing, Personal Development, Traveling, Music Production, Live Instruments, Graphic & Web Development, Networking, Reading, Writing Poetry.

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Wholesaling and bird dogging. But, I'm mostly focusing on wholesaling. I am calling alot of FSBO's and I may have about two that are flexible on the terms and price. My goal is to push as hard as I can I get this first deal out the way because I know it will have a snow ball effect once it is done.


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I am just starting BUT do not know what I can offer you without ever trying to be a birddog what is it that you might be interested in ?


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Thanx for the info, I'll put you on my list.

Let's talk

I've been reading and visiting this site off and on for a year now and ready to get the ball rolling. I, too have blown the dust off of Dean's two books. Not until I was just furloughed (VA in Columbia, SC) that I have decided that I cannot solely rely on one source of income. In less words, I would love to network with you. I would like to get my first deal done before Christmas. I have two real estate agents lined up, and a close relationship with a Regional Vice President of a local credit union. I need to build my portfolio and get some deals under my belt so the world of possibilities can open. Let's chat.