Finding a Realtor

Finding a Realtor

It seems like a lot of DGers have trouble with this, I would like to give my two cents on this subject.

I got a call back from my bandit signs and it was a homeowner that moved away and thought he would try his hand at renting it out, he found out he didn't like the taste of that now he wants out and gave me a call(signs) and now we are talking about how we can make this deal work for the both of us.
Yes their is more to this deal but for this point you get it. So I drove around took all the numbers of realtors signs and called them. I told them I have a house in the area and ask how much the houses were going for in the area so I new my house would price right and could they help me sell it.

I told them it had a renter in it so if they new any investors that could pay cash I would be interested.

Now what did I just do?

I found a house,got comps and a realtor to give me info and they have investors, this lets me know they are investor friendly.

Don't make it harder than it is.



Dang Aaron

Great idea man love it I might do that actually to get diff comps from diff realtors. Thanks I appreciate it & see you soon!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Thanks for your two cents

That'll work..I tend to overthink things, always looking for the best approach when what I really need to do is JUST DO IT.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

You got lucky....

Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately, that's not how it works here on Long Island. Bandit signs are taken down the second they go up...waste of time and money. And, the realtors here are a lot smarter......They would want the address of the house...or, they would obviously find out that there wasn't a renter in the house and think you were a liar and then you can forget the list of cash buyers they were going to provide you.

it's the luck of the draw. I'm happy for you though.....I hope your luck continues.

Hey Tony

When I made the first call all I wanted was comps I told the realtor I wasn't quite ready just yet because Im not sure what houses were selling for and I didn't want to waist anybody time. The realtor gave me 6 dif homes in that neighborhood I told him when im ready could he please help me. READ my wording I did not tell him any details about the house im going to sell my position for in this contract.

I got better on my second call.



No its not luck and their is a house with renters in it I didn't lie, yes they asked me all those questions you would expect them to ask I just have expected answers for them.
I wasn't expecting them to give up any buyers because they wont, I wanted and got info on what there buyers would pay for in that area, because I told them I would consider selling to an investor but I needed info so I could choose.

Signs get taking down here to so luck does go with this one.



Not saying this is the best approach I was out for comps. If a realtor is selling a house in the area you are targeting just call and ask them to tell you about the house, they will and they will give you the price but its not a sold price so take that in thought when you are doing your numbers for your ARV.

I agree on just do it, first get the knowledge you need "DG material" and go out and put it to work.

You can do it



I really like that, all kinds of ways to get info and get properties sold, Jim



Hey jim

When I went and looked at the property I mentioned above I drove around looking at the neighborhood and seen all the REA signs and started calling. I didn't plan this I was just wanting asking prices for ballpark numbers.
It was a bonus getting more info, I plan on keeping in touch with two of them for future deals when they come down the pipeline.


I didn't say that you lied...


I didn't say that you lied about anything. I agree that being well educated and knowing how to handle each situation is extremely important, but I also think that sometimes it's a matter of luck.

I am extremely happy for you and your success. I have read at least 6 different ways of running the numbers, I can't find step by step instructions on locking up the deal with either a realtor or homeowner and I also have found 3 different contracts that they say you are supposed to use to assign. They all same something different, so I'm very confused over that.

I don't stop. I research this site and insiderselite like a crazy lunatic. I just don't know which way is the right way because there are so many different ways. The more I read the more confused I get. I'm not giving up.....I'm just upset and frustrated.

I am sorry if I offended you in any way as that was not my intention. I am truly sorry.




I have thicker skin than that, Ive been told I cant do this or this doesn't work and don't forget being laughed at because im throwing my money away. I expect all of this because their are a lot of negative people out their, no im not saying your negative im just saying I hear this from people and it doesn't bother me.

Have you found an attorney for your power team? Locking up a deal is your states purchase agreement contract each state is different.
I received my assignment contract from another investor so I didn't struggle with this, you want a contract that protects you!

Please don't apologize for expressing your opinion I look forward to hearing them and if something doesn't sound right let me know so I can make it right, Im always learning.


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