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Tony E
San Diego, CA
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I saw Dean on an infomercial 5 yrs ago in sept of 09' & ordered his books he spoke to me. I read the books several times & finally understood them. I attended a boots on the ground a few months later & then quit my job to do real estate full time.

After a couple of yrs of making mistakes & up's & down's I bought the Rock Bottom Blueprint Insiders Elite & that got me to the next level which was 2012 winter. The education propelled me especially the masterminds on Insiders Elite with Matt, answered a lot of questions I had & also the RBBlueprint. I got my first deal in Jan 2013 by networking with Tammy Reoch who I met thru Insiders Elite & who is a dg superstar with many deals done.

In April of the same yr 2013 I went to the Edge & that super propelled me by the awesome education there & the networking! I met Makeba Hart & Larry Griggs her husband & Dominic Erricelo I partnered with them to remote wholesale in Kansas City MO since they lived there, they would put out bandit signs & I would take the calls & qualify the leads coming in & hand them off to them & we would split everything 50/50.

Well later that yr in Sept after a few ups & downs Smiling we finally did 2 deals, 1 in Sept which we wholesaled to Dean! & another one in Oct. I made from my 1st wholesale deal $1,300, then the 2nd to Dean the same almost $1,500, the 3rd $650. So up to this point I had made about $3,200.

Now the next yr in 2014 this yr we are in I have been going slowly but I did bird dog a package of turn key homes in May for 3k, then in Oct of this yr I wholesaled a deal that had been stuck since Feb due to Title issues for 5k. Now I have 2 deals under contract this mo of Dec 2014 & I hope to make 6k total from both.

It is going better for me I have resolved some personal issues such as staying put & not moving to Mex since my wife moved there 2yrs ago & I forgot to mention that I was born legally blind & I use a white cane & I see as though it were tunnel vision like looking thru 2 straws but I see the pc really well & if I am looking at someone or something I can see it perfectly I just have to be looking right at it but I am blessed & if I can do it without being able to drive & do 4 deals in KC MO living in San Diego Ca(Which I forgot to mention:) If I can do all these things with these challenges, so can you!!!!! God bless

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welcome TONY

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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself tony!!! Great to network with you.stay focused and DETERMINED to make deals to THINK REI DAILY to create the HABIT of taking ACTION. You CAN do it....good luck tony

Thanks for visiting...

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...and best wishes on your process. I'm juggling a lot, but I do have some good background and connections and certainly nothing to lose. I'm sure it will help you a lot to have a supportive partner as well!

Hey Tony

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Hows it going my fellow SoCal DGer? Saw your comment just now on the blog post from John about his first deal done and I wanted to drop by and say hey! Smiling How is your progress going right now with REI? I'm still a newbie investor and I haven't completed my first deal yet, but I know I'm close on making that happen. Hope we can network together on some deals in the future and motivate each other along the way. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


HI Tony

Just getting back into Deans Program after 1 year away. Real Estate is getting HOt here in Seattle and have a great team in Phoenix with some deals starting to come thru. How are you doing



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long time no talk, i w/actually blocked here for a yr! can you believe it until i got it fixed but it took me this long it w/a mistake by but oh well. How have you been? how is investing? I am here, finally got my 1st deal, just got back from the edge & am so excited boy. lets partner up for deals! lmk pm me w/ur info & I/call you ok

RE Attorney

Hi Tony, I am fairly new to DG and especially to posting/asking questions in this forum. I was wondering if you have or know of a RE Attorney in the San Diego area that is familuar with double closings? I am currenlty working on selling a relatives home in the San Diego area but I live in CO and have not yet made connections in California. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Cindy


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Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

You can do it!!


Add us to your buyers and sellers list

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God bless you

Your site is great.

Detroit properties

HI i just wanted to firstly say hello to everyone and secondly ask has anyone dealt in detroit and if so what was your experience and what advice you could give me as overseas investor

Detroit properties

HI i just wanted to firstly say hello to everyone and secondly ask has anyone dealt in detroit and if so what was your experience and what advice you could give me as overseas investor

Nervious to make first deal

In Florida a lot of bank owned homes , when you look at the listing is sas forclose at EX: Forclosed at 139,987. and the has a value of 213,000. when makinf an offer to bank whee should the offer lay.. in addition there is a HOA lien for 4k, alot of moning parts but nervious about attemping th make mistakes that will cost me out of pocket cash which I don't hane extra cash laying around how would you proceed ,,, bandit signs for selling house cheap ?? need direction

Hey tony

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Thanks for stopping by my journal and your kind words.



Hey Tony

I wanted to stop by your page real quick just to say "hello"

I hope you are doing good.

All the best



man my agent and I are working it. I smell it it's coming....



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Im in cant wait to meet everyone.

See ya there .

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Thanks Tony stay focused

If you want on my list

EDGE 2015

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Hey Tony,
Didnt get a chance to say bye at the EDGE 2015. It was nice seeing you again. So much wisdom being shared, it was great! Looking forward to seeing you close more deals. Lets make 2015 our best year yet! Smiling