You need some motivation?!

You need some motivation?!

You need some motivation?! I got something for you! How hard do we really have it? Are we getting ready to go to war? Are we having to prepare to hump in the deserts of Iraq or Afganistan? Do we have a 70 pound pack on our packs? NO, we have it made compared to so many others. Are we just winey that something didn't work out to well? That I can't get a seller to call me back? I can't afford to do letter marketing and don't like door knocking or cold calls because its not my thing? When you watch this I want you to think about what is holding you back and surround yourself like this Captain, with folks in your corner to encourage you and push you. Have an INCREDIBLE weekend!



daily motivation

Everybody needs a daily motivation, something that can keep us going especially during tough times. We all have our own issues on a daily basis, whether its work, personal and finances. We need motivational videos like this and the other ones posted via writing help website which are truly inspiring.

Something else that might help

More daily motivation can be derived from the Greatest Book ever Written!... King James has a good version out called the Holy Bible that has daily living exercises within the book.

something more could be this video:

I get my motivation from knowing that my little nephew and future family will benefit greatly from the ground work I'm putting forth as in my nephew will have that HARPER'S GP John Deere General Purpose tractor one day, I will have a farm to raise my future family on that teaches more than what is taught in the class room...




Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. FFA MOTTO

Ben Franklin's Autobiography free audiobook download-

Building Momentum

Hi all, I'm brand new and getting motivation from Dean's book 30 Days to Real Estate Cash. Looking forward to taking action, sharing my journey and connecting.

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